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"Who else loves Instagram stories? IGS is the way to connect with your audience, share what you're doing on a day-to-day basis, and let Instagram know that you're engaged, boosting your other posts. Today I've compiled a list of GIFs, filters, and hacks to make your stories look amazing. Enjoy!"

your favorite authors' favorite

"Ever wondered what books your favorite authors love? Read all the books by your favorite writer and can't figure out what to read next? This week, I've teamed up with four different authors of best-selling books to come up with an epic list of book recommendations. Each author contributed one title that they love and explained what they love about it and how it impacted their life."


"When you face rejection or maybe even multiple rejections in a row, it's easy to feel disappointed, get cranky, and doubt your writing. That's why I've put together this step-by-step game plan for you. It'll help you pick yourself back up, look at your writing honestly, feel better, and became a greater writer."

Laptop Writing

Where Young Authors Can Get Published

"Are you a tween or teen looking to get published? This is the blog post for you! I've put together a list of contests, magazines, and other publications where you can get published."

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Orange Creamsicle Mug Cake

"Spring is finally here, which means I'm pulling out all the citrus desserts! This orange creamsicle mug cake is everything you spring entails: light and spongey, with a sweet citrus taste and tangy icing..."


How I Make My Smartphone Photos Look Professional

"Today I decided to show you how I edit my Instagram and blog photos! I get questions on what I use to take the shots and how I edit them. I'll go over my completely free editing process, a few tips to getting the perfect shot, and the photos you should take to grow your Instagram."

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Amazing Graphic Novels For Stubborn Readers

"Graphic novels are fun reads and the perfect way to get kids interested in reading! I've seen more and more come out recently, and their limited speech and pictures are a great way to entice unwilling readers. They subtly teach vocabulary and sentence structure in a way that's more enticing than a regular book but will get kids hooked on reading."

Ashtanga Yoga

I Did Yoga For a Week and Here's What Happened

"I decided to do an entire week of different yoga routines! Each day, I tried out a routine that was intended to help with something different and the results were awesome. Stick around until the end for my final recap!

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Charming Books About Small Towns

"Small town plots are addictive...any Hallmark fan should know. Bigger isn't always better, especially in fiction! Books set in small towns where everyone knows everyone's business leads to charming scenery, plenty of meddling, and a good dose of humor..."

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5 Underrated Books You HAVE to Read

"If you follow any bookstagram accounts on Instagram, you might see a trend of the same books popping up over and over. But there are a few amazing books that people don't seem to be talking about as much! Here is my list of 5 brilliant, but uncommon, novels you have to read!"

Romantic Poets Bookmark Set Christmas Gi

Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Bookworm

"In honor of the Christmas season, here is a list of holiday gifts for your bibliophile friend. Whether it's for your co-worker who's told you seven times to read Harry Potter (seriously, do it!) or a treat yo' self, I guarantee you'll find something you love on this list!"

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Prince Charming: Book Review

To say Daisy Winters doesn't fit in with her new royal family is a bit of an understatement. But like it or not, she's going to have to get on the tabloid scene to please her sister's wishes without knocking any royal's hat off! With clever dialogue, a fresh plot, and a sassy heroine, Prince Charming is the perfect winter read!

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A Match Made in Mehendi: Book Review

"A Match Made in Mehendi is a sweet, henna-filled teen novel about high school and matchmaking. Simi has an unfortunate clumsy streak - something her Indian mom likes to point out a little too much. But Simi's unlucky tumble into an expensive vase at a department store catches the eye of a very cute worker."

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Oatmeal and Berries Smoothie

"This smoothie is loaded with fiber and fresh fruit! In the words of my dad, it tastes 'like a whole-grain raspberry crumble.' This smoothie is amazing! Tasty and protein-packed, I guarantee it will become your new breakfast go-to."

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Our 2019 July Read

“The thing is, sometimes people grow from breaking.”

~Julie Buxbaum, What to Say Next


Focused: Book Review

"Perfect for fans of Fish in a Tree and Out of my MindFocused offers a unique perspective on ADHD by showing it through the eyes of a plucky heroine. Readers will love Clea's honest take and her humor and compassion. I guarantee this fresh new novel will become a fan favorite!"


My Favorite Character Names

"Choosing character names is one of my favorite parts of writing! I think it's so cool how each name has a different meaning and connotation. Here is a list of ten names I love. I've included the meaning of the name and what genre I think it best fits. On a few of them, I've listed a few traits I thought of when I heard it. Hopefully, this post will help you find the perfect name to match your character's disposition or give you a much-needed boost of creativity!"

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Our May Reads and a Mother's Day GIVEAWAY

"I absolutely love these books! These are cherished novels that I discovered a few years ago and have read several times since. They're all family-friendly reads that are perfect for read-alouds with fascinating plots, relatable characters, and witty banter. Realistic fiction is one of my favorite genres and these books are some of the best. I feel like these books are full of summer scrapes and hopes, the perfect ones to read outside in the spring."

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White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

"I love these cookies! The sweet, fruity bursts of cranberries perfectly balance the creamy white chocolate chips. The rest of the cookie is delicious and melts in your mouth."

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The Hundred Dresses: Book Review

"I read this book a long time ago and remember doodling dresses in the margins after I finished reading it. (Apparently, this habit has stuck with me ever since. Algebra teacher, I'm sorry I don't pay attention when you talk about scatter plots but I promise I have a beautiful silver dress in the left corner margin.)"

Adult Students

How to Ace Your Study Session

"Do you have a big exam coming up? A science quiz you just can't fail? Look no further! I've compiled a complete guide full of all my favorite studying tips. Keep reading to discover healthy recipes, how to take notes, my favorite studying websites, and more!"

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Topsy-Turvy Neapolitan Cupcakes

"Because spring is right around the corner (yay!), this is the perfect treat to whip up on a Saturday afternoon. Tasty and adorable, these might just replace your nightly ice cream ritual!"

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Book Post

This Week's Library Haul

"I love everything about my library . . . the way the adult section's shelves are so tall you can get lost in them, the happy buzz that seems to radiate off readers, the cozy couch in the nonfiction section, the colorful magazine rack . . . What? Did you just call me a book nerd? Why, yes, yes I am."

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Jack & Louisa: Book Review

"Lou just got back from theater camp, and she's even more infatuated with being on stage than ever! When she spots her new neighbor sporting a Mary Poppins: the Musical T-shirt, her active imagination kicks into overdrive. Could he possibly be an MTN, musical theater nerd, just like her?"

Green Typewriter
Book Post

The 10 Commandments of Writing

"Being a writer is hard! Sometimes you get stuck in ruts, your characters won't behave, and you can't seem to come up with a good plot. Today, I've compiled 10 Commandments that will help you have fun and inspire your fingers to get typing.

Melt-in-Your Mouth Cinnamon Shortbread C

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cinnamon Shortbread Cookies

"Cinnamon and sugar combined are one of the coziest, most delicious flavors ever, and what better way to incorporate them than in these delectably melty cookies?"

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8 Books Hermione Granger Would Love

"Hermione Granger is the queen who showed us that bossing boys around is cool, you should raise your hand so much it's annoying, and there's nothing better than a good book. Ms. Granger is a huge bookworm and an inspiration to all of us readers . . . "

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Author Spotlight: Sharon M. Draper

"Our February 2019 Author Spotlight writer is the five-time winner of the Coretta Scott King Literary award and award-winning teacher Sharon M. Draper!"

Brain Boosting Cinnamon Cashews

Brain Boosting Cinnamon Cashews

"Cinnamon and cashews are two foods that are great for your brain! Because cinnamon boosts brain activity and cashews are high in zinc, which is proven to reduce anxiety levels, this mouth-watering combination is the perfect studying snack."

Book Shelf

10 Book Character Inspired Outfits

"Have you ever loved a character so much you wanted to be just like them? When I was younger I always tried to channel my inner Hermione Granger..."

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The Help: Book Review

"Kathryn Stockett paints a captivating portrait of sun-baked 1963 Jackson, Mississippi in her fascinating novel The Help, told in turn by three women. Aibileen Clark is..."

Book Post

10 Beautiful Bookshelves

"Trying to figure out where to put all those great books you got for Christmas? It's the perfect time to reorganize your shelves!"

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Book Post

Literary Cookbooks and Recipes

"Have you ever read a book and wanted to eat everything they were eating? Sip a butterbeer in The Three Broomsticks? Try Marilla's infamous Raspberry Cordial? Look no further!"

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Alan Gratz: Author Spotlight

"I am so pleased to announce that the first Author Spotlight on the new site is . . . the amazing Alan Gratz! *cue the fanfare* Aan Gratz is the author of the ever popular books..."

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12 Stocking Stuffers Under 20 Dollars

"These gifts are the perfect thing to pop into stockings . . . and they're cheap too! Your family is sure to love these little presents."

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Historical Figures

Jackie Kennedy: A Female Role Model for the Ages

"When you say the name Jackie Kennedy, the words that come to most Americans’ minds are style, elegance, First Lady . . . and tragedy."

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"Summer is full of delicious fruits and vegetables, which means fresh and filling foods. And I'm not afraid to sneak a little dessert in there sometimes either! This list will make sure you're never stuck with what to make for dinner. Without further ado, here are six mouth-watering recipes you have to make this summer."

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"What's more fun than getting a book hot off the presses? These titles are all being released sometime in 2020. Pre-order these books by your favorite author, one you haven't heard of, or a fascinating new debut. Whoever they're by, these books will intrigue you, pull on your heartstrings, teach you something new, and have you waiting by the mailbox for the day they'll arrive."