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Our 2019 July Read

“The thing is, sometimes people grow from breaking.” ~Julie Buxbaum, What to Say Next

Our book club pick for July is awkward, charming, and a little more relatable than you'd like to admit . . .

The book:

Kit's dad died in a car accident a month ago. They went to the funeral, they were encouraging, and now her friends think it's time for her to move on. But Kit's not ready to "move on" and doesn't think she can stand another lunch full of "do these jeans make me look fat?" Maybe that's part of the reason why she sat down next to David.

David's shocked when Kit sits next to him at lunch. He's eaten alone for 622 consecutive days . . . why would she try to sit by him now? Miney, his older sister Lauren who helps him with social advice, put her on the 'trust list.' But that doesn't stop him from royally messing up every encounter.

The truth is, Kit only sat down next to David because she thought he wouldn't try to talk to her. Besides, his older sister might be a legend, but David's kind of a weirdo. Smart and a loner, but weird.

Kit doesn't expect to keep eating with David; she needed somewhere to sit for one day. Surprisingly, David's blunt honesty turns out to be refreshing.

David can't help falling more and more in love with Kit. With her constellation of freckles and the way she tips her head back when she laughs. He's trying to keep it together. So when Kit asks him to help her solve the mystery of her dad's peculiar car crash, he jumps at the chance. But the secrets they uncover along the way may not be anything they want to know . . .

How to read with us:

First off, go ahead and order your copy! Then make sure you're subscribed to my site. Simple as that! You'll receive one email next Thursday full of WTSN (What to Say Next) merchandise and a full party plan at the end of the month.

Want to take it a step further? Join our Goodreads group to discuss the book, vote on the best character, and pick next month's book. Hope to see you soon! Ciao.

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