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30 Things to Do While Quarantined

A few weeks ago, I published a blog post with 20+ Things to Do While Self-Quarantined. I put up a poll on my Instagram asking my followers if they wanted part two and everyone said yes!

Without further ado, here's a list of thirty things you can do during this time while we're quarantined to stay safe, productive, and even have some fun.

1. Learn chess. This game is nearly 1500 years old, and people are still having fun with it! Take advantage of the extra time you have right now to learn the game and perfect your technique.

2. Have some fun making these 5 DIY Sugar Scrubs and then relax in the bath.

3. Have a tea party over Zoom! Round up your family members and sip tea together. (Bonus points if you make peanut butter fudge or scones!)

4. Decorate your home, indoor or outdoor, with these adorable tin can lanterns.

5. Make a full spa day out of it and make these Homemade Milk & Honey Bath Bombs.

6. Whip up this secretly healthy Chickpea Cookie Dough Dip and make your whole family happy! Pro tip: use graham crackers as dippers. You won't be sorry.

7. Spread some love and send somebody a homemade card. Pinterest 3-D flower card for some amazing diy designs!

8. Dying to get together with some friends? Facetime or Zoom together and have a virtual Yahtzee game!

9. Looking to spruce up your house a little? With just some wood, nails, rope, and a little elbow grease, these DIY pallet shelves are just the thing to give your home a little flair.

10. Try a dance workout or yoga. I just did a different yoga routine for a whole week and wrote a blog post talking about it! Check out my thoughts here.

11. Dying for spring? Ready your house for blooms with this tulip wreath! It's bursting with spring flowers and colors, whether you remembered to plant tulips this year or not.

12. Trying to stock up on easy meals while quarantined? This Italian Wedding Soup is delicious, with little pasta, meatballs, and plenty of fresh vegetables. This recipe makes so much, it will feed your family for a couple of meals!

13. For another simple home decor project, try these homemade galaxy coasters. If you have some kiddos at home, try getting them in the action too.

14. Remember melted bead art? Get some Perler beads, arrange them in designs on a pan, bake, and cool.

15. Try a diy lazer maze. Let kids go crazy using crepe paper or yarn for "lasers" and then set a timer to see who can get through the room the fastest without getting a laser.

16. Take a walk or bike ride. By yourself or with some family members, enjoy walking around in the fresh air. Just remember to stay about six feet away from other people.

17. Ready or not, it's almost Easter! Try your hand at Easter Eggs with a twist. I love these DIY Easter Eggs that look surprisingly elegant.

18. Speaking of Easter, look how adorable these vanilla shortbread bunnies are! The cookies are easy and the tails are super cute.

19. Try a new hairstyle. I love these milkmaid braids!

20. Plan a summer garden. Stake out your plot for summer greens. Dying to get your green thumb growing? Here's a list of flowers you can plant in April.

21. Have a Nerf Gun fight.

22. Do some spring cleaning. This is the perfect time to get your Marie Kondo on! Last year, I tidied like Marie Kondo and redid my closet. It's still clean. When has that happened? Read my blog post about it here.

23. Learn something new. SkillShare has tons of online classes, with anything from photography to animation to interior design. You can even get a couple of weeks free while you're in quarantine.

24. Have the travel bug? Stay busy at home while waiting for your next flight by learning a new language. Duolingo is free online and has good courses in many languages.

25. Paint your nails. C'mon, you know yours are looking rough. Skip the nail salon and give yourself a mani-pedi of your own! Essie's Ballet Slippers and Mint Candy Apple shades are two of my favorites and will last longer than other brands.

26. Color. Do you have an adult coloring book? They're so much more interesting than you would think! The Selection Coloring Book and the Harry Potter Coloring Book are both great for bookworms.

27. Make a scrapbook. This is the perfect time to dig out the old photos and get crafty!

28. Make a cup of tea and read a book. Self-quarantine is the time to relax! Brew a pot of tea and settle down to read that book you got forever ago but haven't had time to read. I love Earl Grey, white tea, and coconut oolong. I have plenty of book recommendations for you here!

29. Stay social. Facetime or Zoom a friend and workout, cook, eat lunch, or have a book club together via the Internet. Especially if you are or know someone who's home alone, make sure you stay in touch!

30. Watch Netflix with your friends. There's a Chrome extension called Netflix Party that allows you to watch a show or movie with your friends! It includes a group chat and synchs the video with your friends.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Hopefully this list of activities will help you stay busy during this time. Ciao, Zoe.

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