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Daddy Long Legs: Book Review

Daddy Long Legs is the absolutely perfect book to read if you're lonely, in want of a rosebud bouquet, or a person in general. Jerusha Abbott (isn't that an awful name? She thinks so too.) is facing a bleak life as an eighteen-year-old orphan living in the John Grier Home with a spotty high school education and no prospects and no experience outside of the home. But her life's course alters drastically when she discovers an anonymous benefactor is sending her to college - to become an author, no less! Told in a collection of utterly charming, fascinating, and rip-roaring letters, Jerusha (call her Judy now, dear, she's a real grown-up college girl with a new name to boot) dives into a world of scraping past exams, farm side vacations, and charming men with exuberance. Judy is the sort of character you fall in love with in one fell swoop: excited, curious, and not the person to beat around the bush.

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