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Tropical Green Tea Smoothie

Today I'm going to be sharing a super easy smoothie bowl recipe with you! Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we're not able to go on spring break right now, which means no beaches. I can't bring you waves and sand, but this smoothie tastes like sunshine in a glass!

Made with just three or four ingredients, this smoothie is simple and fast. One of the ingredients is a cup of green tea. Green tea is one of the best liquids you can use in a smoothie because of its antioxidants and other nutrients. Green tea has been proven to clear up for your skin, boost your immune system, and help lower cholesterol.

While it's great for your smoothie, make sure that you steep your tea and then let it cool to room temperature or cooler so that you won't damage your blender.

Without further ago, here's the recipe!

You can see in the picture above that I turned this smoothie into a smoothie bowl. If you want to do this as well, I like the toppings coconut flakes, frozen raspberries, and/or chia seeds.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Remember to stay safe and stay inside. Ciao, Zoe.

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