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Cupid's Pink Valentine's Day Smoothie

February 14th is on its way, which means it's time for chocolate, hearts, Valentines, and...smoothies?

This pink-as-can-be smoothie bowl is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day this winter! It's creamy and sweet, but the raspberries give it a zing. The ingredients in this smoothie make it rich in antioxidants and beneficial to weight loss, as well as full of Vitamin C, A, and D!

If you're not familiar with smoothie bowls, they're just smoothies with toppings. For today's, I decked it out with sweetened coconut flakes, chia seeds, frozen raspberries, and craisins! Using different toppings guarantees that you'll taste something new with each bite.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Click the heart button if you liked it and share it with your friends. Have a great Valentine's Day! Ciao, Zoe.


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