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the collected stories by eudora

"Probably the first word that comes to mind when you think of Rory Gilmore is bookworm. Over the course of the series, it's estimated that Rory read and referenced around 339 books! Today, I've picked a few of my favorite books on the Rory Gilmore reading list, along with what Rory said about them. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll probably end up eating copious amounts of take-out, like a true Gilmore girl."

red truck bakery cookbook.jpg

8 Mouth-Watering Cookbooks That Belong On Your Shelf

"Who doesn't love a good cookbook? They're basically collections of photos and recipes guaranteed to make you hungry. This week, I've rounded up nine of my top cookbooks, from Filipino food to fries. These are filled with tried-and-true recipes anyone can attempt."

your favorite authors' favorite

Your Favorite Authors' Favorite Books

"Ever wondered what books your favorite authors love? Read all the books by your favorite writer and can't figure out what to read next? This week, I've teamed up with four different authors of best-selling books to come up with an epic list of book recommendations. Each author contributed one title that they love."

7 Must-Read YA Books.png

7 Must-Read YA Books

"Today, I've compiled a list of seven of the best young adult books! I've picked books that adults and teens should be able to enjoy. I've also picked ones that are pretty clean. There are also books in different genres, so there really is something for everyone!"

pretty in small towns.png

Charming Books About Small Towns

"Small town plots are addictive...any Hallmark fan should know. Bigger isn't always better, especially in fiction! Books set in small towns where everyone knows everyone's business leads to charming scenery, plenty of meddling, and a good dose of humor..."

Romantic Poets Bookmark Set Christmas Gi

Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Bookworm

"In honor of the Christmas season, here is a list of holiday gifts for your bibliophile friend. Whether it's for your co-worker who's told you seven times to read Harry Potter (seriously, do it!) or a treat yo' self, I guarantee you'll find something you love on this list!"

Booktrovert girl instagram.png

8 Creative Bookstagram Photo Ideas

Cozy bookshelves, bookish this-or-thats, and yellow heart emojis galore...

If you're not familiar with this latest trend, you should be! Called #bookstagrams, they're the perfect way to grow your Instagram account.

The Way you make me feel summer.jpg

Boredom Buster: The Best Summer Books

"Summer's here! Blue skies, water parks, and picnics ahead . . . right? I love everything about summer: mango popsicles, late-night trampoline jumps, and most importantly, no school. But we've all had a case of the Summer Boredom Blues before."

Just Listen.jpg

Just Listen: Book Review

"Of course Annabel feels pressure to be perfect; she grew up in a home with two beautiful sisters, and a mother who encouraged all three girls to model. The oldest sister, Kirsten, is as loud as a foghorn and has a lot to say. The middle sister, Whitney, struggles with an eating disorder and an awful attitude that's put the whole family through the wringer. Her mom always said to be kind, so that's what Annabel tries to be: nice."

Juliet  Top 10.jpg

Counting Down My Top 10 Female Characters

"Great books are the ones that that make you want to be more like the characters, to the point where their words are constantly running through your head. Great books make you want to live in them. They are the ones that force you to keep studying whenever you think of Hermione Granger or ask thousands of questions and look for all the answers because of Callie Vee. Great books are the ones that you come back to again and again because the people in them have inspired you to be a better version of yourself."

Daddy Long Legs.jpg

Daddy Long Legs: Book Review

"Daddy Long Legs is the absolutely perfect book to read if you're lonely, in want of a rosebud bouquet, or a person in general. Jerusha Abbott (isn't that an awful name? She thinks so too.) is facing a bleak life as an eighteen-year-old orphan living in the John Grier

Home . . . "

Tuesdays with Morrie.jpg

Tuesdays with Morrie: Book Review

"Poignant and gripping, Albom's moving read fades in on a middle-aged man named Mitch, a sports writer unhappy with his life. Decades ago, he promised his favorite professor he'd keep in touch, but he had forgotten all about him until one night when he was watching the news."

Girl Holding Shopping Bags

Bookish Merch for the Ultimate Fan

"I'm super excited to write this post because it means I get to be a total dork for 4273 characters! Today, I've put together a list of 8 totally amazing gifts for book lovers! Whether you're looking for a present for your favorite bibliophile or want to treat yo self, I 100% guarantee you'll find something you love."

Eight Cousins.jpg

Eight Cousins: Book Review

"This charming book by Louisa May Alcott is as endearing as always - almost like coming home to a crackly fire and gooey chocolate chip cookies. Alcott will always be one of my favorite authors..."

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 9.05.19 PM.png

10 Books That Are Perfect for Valentine's Day

"Love is in the air! Children are writing names on the backs of cardboard valentines, classrooms are decked out with paper hearts and crepe paper, the store is selling red hearts full of chocolate a dime a dozen . . . To all I say: bring me books!"

The Help.png

The Help: Book Review

"Kathryn Stockett paints a captivating portrait of sun-baked 1963 Jackson, Mississippi in her fascinating novel The Help, told in turn by three women. Aibileen Clark is..."

The Summer I Turned Pretty.png

The Summer I Turned Pretty: Book Review

"The Summer I Turned Pretty is a summery, intoxicating read you won’t be able to put down!"

2021 book releases you need to read.png

"Are you stuck in a reading rut and needing some fresh books on your shelves? You need these six 2021 book releases on your shelf! With punchy storylines, important messages, and gripping dialogue, you've got to order these new books right away."

little women.jpg

8 of Our Favorite Literary Bookworms

"No matter where you've heard his name, Mitch Albom's raw writing style and powerful stories have captured millions of readers. Today, I'm going to share with you my top five books by him. They'll make you laugh, think, and probably even cry."

my wild garden

2020 Releases We Can't Wait to Read

"What's more fun than getting a book hot off the presses? These titles are all being released sometime in 2020. Pre-order these books by your favorite author, one you haven't heard of, or a fascinating new debut. Whoever they're by, these books will intrigue you, pull on your heartstrings, teach you something new, and have you waiting by the mailbox for the day they'll arrive."

8 amazing graphic novels.png

Amazing Graphic Novels for Stuborn Readers

"Graphic novels are fun reads and the perfect way to get kids interested in reading! I've seen more and more come out recently, and their limited speech and pictures are a great way to entice unwilling readers. They subtly teach vocabulary and sentence structure in a way that's more enticing than a regular book but will get kids hooked on reading."

the rithmatist.png

10 Amazing Books I Read in 2019

"While I didn’t have enough time to write full-length book reviews for each one, I wrote a snappy paragraph or two. In a reading slump? Here are ten great books I read this fall to give you inspiration for months."

little meadow reads prince charming.png

Prince Charming: Book Review

To say Daisy Winters doesn't fit in with her new royal family is a bit of an understatement. But like it or not, she's going to have to get on the tabloid scene to please her sister's wishes without knocking any royal's hat off! With clever dialogue, a fresh plot, and a sassy heroine, Prince Charming is the perfect winter read!

Anne of Green Gables.jpg

Classic Books I Actually Like

"A classic is something everybody wants to have read but nobody wants to read." ~Mark Twain


Focused: Book Review

"Perfect for fans of Fish in a Tree and Out of my Mind, Focused offers a unique perspective on ADHD by showing it through the eyes of a plucky heroine. Readers will love Clea's honest take and her humor and compassion. I guarantee this fresh new novel will become a fan favorite!"

The Storyteller.jpg

The Storyteller: Book Review

"I will not call Sage, the main character in the book, a heroine. Her lack of perfection is simplistic and freeing in one sense, and her adamancy against changing her ways is morally corrupt in another. Again and again, Picoult raises a question. Are these characters monsters, good people in difficult situations, or just fundamentally human? Or are they all of these?"

The Hundred Dresses.jpg

The Hundred Dresses: Book Review

"This darling book is both timeless and simple. You expect the story to read as you predict, but you'll find you are very surprised by the turn of events. I appreciated the straightforward, open style of writing because it emphasized Eleanor Estes's important points in a way that would leave a mark in old and young readers."

Power to the Princess.jpg

Power to the Princess: Book Review

"We all love a good Disney princess! But have you ever thought about how, even though we adore their stories, they all end in the same happily ever after? Vita Murrow re-imagines 15 cherished tales..."


10 Books for Every Spring Break

"Whether you're in the Caribbean, the Himalayas, or your bed this spring break, you're going to need books. I mean, that's just common sense. For those with sandy toes or TV re-runs, here's a list of ten books that will make the perfect addition to every type of vacation."


Perfected: Book Review

"Perfect (see what I did there?) for fans of The Jewel and The Selection, Perfected is the thrilling first book about a girl named Ella, who lives in a futuristic world where it's legal to own "pets," who are beautiful girls with impeccable manners."

Hermione Granger.jpg

8 Books Hermione Granger Would Love

"Hermione Granger is the queen who showed us that bossing boys around is cool, you should raise your hand so much it's annoying, and there's nothing better than a good book. Ms. Granger is a huge bookworm and an inspiration to all of us readers . . . "

My Plain Jane.png

My Plain Jane: Book Review

"I honestly cannot recommend Jane Eyre highly enough, so I agreed to pick up this retelling if my friend promised to read the classic. As I took it home with me..."


Beastly: Book Review

"Beastly is an intriguing modern take on Beauty and the Beast for young readers. Kyle is a teenager in NYC who has everything.."

Pretty Little Liars.jpg

Pretty Little Liars: Book Review

"I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into starting this series, but man, I’m glad I picked it up! This suspenseful novel..."

Books, books, BOOKS! 😍 _Do you whip thr

The Best Books I Read in 2020

"Whether you watched the ball drop or fell asleep a little too early, we're now in a brand-new year. Either way, you can't do 2021 without books! In this post, I'm recapping some of my top reads of 2020. These picks are the perfect way to start out your new Goodreads Reading Challenge or work on your New Year's resolution."

for one more day.jpg

5 Mitch Albom Books That Will Make You Cry

"No matter where you've heard his name, Mitch Albom's raw writing style and powerful stories have captured millions of readers. Today, I'm going to share with you my top five books by him. They'll make you laugh, think, and probably even cry."

fun bookish quizzes.png

Fun Bookish Quizzes For Your Inner Bookworm

"Online quizzes are a fun way to pass the time, and what's better than a list of perfectly bookish quizzes? Find out what book character you are, how literary-obsessed you are, if you would survive The Hunger Games, and more."

new middle grade books you have to read.

New Middle-Grade Books You HAVE to Read

"These new releases from late 2019 and 2020 are full of heart and humor, tackling tough topics with grace and spunk. I love these children's books because anyone can read them..."

A List of Cages underrated.png

5 Underrated Books You HAVE to Read

"If you follow any bookstagram accounts on Instagram, you might see a trend of the same books popping up over and over. But there are a few amazing books that people don't seem to be talking about as much! Here is my list of 5 brilliant, but uncommon, novels you have to read!"

A Match Made in Mehendi Instagram.JPG

A Match Made in Mehendi: Book Review

"A Match Made in Mehendi is a sweet, henna-filled teen novel about high school and matchmaking. Simi has an unfortunate clumsy streak - something her Indian mom likes to point out a little too much. But Simi's unlucky tumble into an expensive vase at a department store catches the eye of a very cute worker."


#GIRLBOSS: Book Review

"Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, didn't start out with a tailored Wordpress design and instant accomplishment. In fact, her before-Nasty-Gal resume boasted the likes of dumper-diving for Bagels, quitting various obscure jobs, and hitchhiking. She never set out to create a brand; she simply had yet to find a career that interested her and decided to take her love of vintage clothing and turn it into an eBay shop."


Finale: Book Review

"In the long-anticipated last book in the popular Caraval series, the deck of Fates has been released and the game has gotten a whole lot harder. Tella knows that the boy she fell in love with, Dante, doesn't actually exist; he was just a role Legend, the gamemaster, played. So why is falling out of love so much harder?"

Front Desk.jpg

Front Desk: Book Review

"Despite what she's telling her classmates, Mia Tang doesn't actually live in a big house with a dog. Her and her parent run a motel, and every day Mia takes charge of the front desk while her mom and dad clean. Keys that don't work and cranky customers? No problem!"


Nevermoor: Book Review

"Morrigan Crow is cursed, so she's used to dirty looks, taking the blame, and her family pretending she doesn't exist. She's long accepted the fact that, like every cursed child, she'll die on Eventide, her twelfth birthday. But Morrigan's grim, solitary world flips on its side when an eccentric man shows up on her doorstep the day she's supposed to die."

Library Haul.jpg

This Week's Library Haul

"I love everything about my library . . . the way the adult section's shelves are so tall you can get lost in them, the happy buzz that seems to radiate off readers, the cozy couch in the nonfiction section, the colorful magazine rack . . . What? Did you just call me a book nerd? Why, yes, yes I am."

Jack and Lousia.jpg

Jack & Lousia: Book Review

"Lou just got back from theater camp, and she's even more infatuated with being on stage than ever! When she spots her new neighbor sporting a Mary Poppins: the Musical T-shirt, her active imagination kicks into overdrive. Could he possibly be an MTN, musical theater nerd, just like her?"


Winterhouse: Book Review

"Twisty-turvy, winsome, and whimsical in the best way possible, Winterhouse is charming and mysterious read that will enrapture generations of readers. Elizabeth, orphaned by her parents..."


Becoming: Book Review

"Punchy, fierce, and empowering, Michelle Obama's spellbinding new autobiography Becoming is one of the most anticipated reads of the year."

10 Outrageous Facts We Learned from Bad

10 Outrageous Facts We Learned from Bad Girls Throughout History

"I adore this marvelous biography penned by Ann Shen of 100 fierce, fabulous women..."


From A to Z: Books in Every Niche

"Everyone has hobbies, from fishing to stamp collecting. This list of books will help you find books to fit every interest!"

Whiskey in a Teacup.jpg

Whiskey in a Teacup: Book Review

"A light, nostalgic read, Reese Witherspoon's autobiography is a breath of fresh air. She recounts stories from her Southern childhood while teaching simplistic, friendly lessons."

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