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"Last year, my sister, my mom, and I went on a girls' weekend to Chicago. It's only a few hours from where we live in Indiana, which makes it the perfect weekend getaway. Today, I've decided to show you our top ten spots in Chicago. That covers transport, food, sights, and activities. Enjoy!"

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"I was completely surprised to like Naples so much. We only went there in the first place so we could see an opera but I ended up falling in love with it. Today, I'm going to share with you my top eight places in Naples. That includes dining, sightseeing, the outdoors, and even a subway station. Enjoy!"

plane wings

"One thing I’ve learned from allll this traveling is: you will lose your sanity. Without a properly packed carry-on, of course :)

Today I’ll walk you through my favorite in-flight and vacation essentials that will make traveling just a little bit easier. Enjoy!"

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