• Zoe

Flight Must-Haves to Keep You from Losing Your Sanity

This week, my family embarked on a trip to the Philippines. That means amazing food, the beach, and nearly twenty-four hours of traveling. 🙈

One thing I’ve learned from allll this traveling is: you will lose your sanity. Without a properly packed carry-on, of course :)

Today I’ll walk you through my favorite in-flight and vacation essentials that will make traveling just a little bit easier. Enjoy!

#1: Clean & Clear Cleansing Cream

We all understand the gross way you feel (and look, tbh), as you step off a plane. Your skin is oily, your hair’s a mess, your clothes are wrinkly, and jetlag is messing you up big-time.

I swear by my Clean & Clear face wash. It’s simple and it’s easy. But often it’s just another thing to find a travel-safe container for. That’s why I love their cleansing cream! The one I linked to is the regular size but you can find an airplane-size in the toiletry section at Meijer.

If you’re not familiar with these types of products, you just wet your face and spread on the cleansing cream. You give it a few seconds to do its thing, then wash it off. Quickly, so I don’t spend five minutes talking about clean skin, here’s what I love about this:

Security Safe: It's available in a travel size container. It’s also a cream and has a tight cap, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling as much as you would with a liquid. Deep-Cleaning: This works very well. My skin always feels clean afterward and I notice that when I use it, it does great things for acne. Minty Fresh: This has a minty scent, which always wakes me up in the mornings! It’s great for traveling as it perks your face up a little bit.

Travel Hack: Pack a little bag with a mini hairbrush, toothbrush, travel toothpaste, contact solution and case, and a change of underwear and socks in your carry-on. Use these in the bathroom before you land after your overnight flight to feel a little fresher and not look totally gross when you meet people at the airport.

#2: Yes to _ Face Masks

I love face masks! I chose this brand because their face masks work well for sensitive skin. I’ve tried several versions and they all smell great. They have charcoal, cucumber, and tomato. I’m testing out grapefruit on this trip!

These are also sheet masks, which means you don’t have to wash them off! It’s a three-step-process: take out of the package, put on your face, and throw away.

Believe it or not, you can use face masks while traveling! On that thirteen-hour plane ride, you can peel on and peel off for fresher, revitalized skin. These are mess-free, so don’t worry about bothering someone or spilling.

Travel Hack: Plastic straws have more uses than you might think! Storing your necklaces in straws and taping the ends will prevent tangling and losing your jewelry.