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"The idea of writing prose about deeply personal topics opens a can of worms. Does writing about our trauma help heal it, or is it simply what Hemingway referred to as 'public whining?' Is it appropriate for the author to send their deep thoughts into the stratosphere, and potentially profit from them? And what if - God forbid - the subject matter discovers the poem?"

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Author Spotlight: Susan Maupin Schmid

"This month's spotlighted author loves libraries, magical books, and dresses. Need I say more? Susan Maupin Schmid is the author of the 100 Dresses series. The first book, If The Magic Fits, follows Darling Dimple, a worker in the palace who discovers a closet full of magical dresses..."

where young authors can get

Where Young Authors Can Get Published

"Are you a tween or teen looking to get published? This is the blog post for you! I've put together a list of contests, magazines, and other publications where you can get published."

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Author Spotlight: Chris Grabenstein

"Our June spotlighted author is the mastermind behind the Lemoncello series, co-author of I Funny, and more, as well as someone who has worked with Robin Williamson and has a cat named Phoebe Squeak. Who is this fabulously creative person whose apartment was featured in the New York Times, you ask? Well, he's..."

writing space desk.jpg

How to Create the Ultimate Writing Space

"Today I thought I would walk you through what my writing environment looks like and a few things that help me get typing. Everyone functions differently...This is just what I like, but I hope you'll gain a few new tips by reading this. Go ahead and comment down below what type of environment inspires you!"

Michelle Falkoff Clear.jpg

Author Spotlight: Michelle Falkoff

"Ladies and gentleman, your January spotlighted author . . . Michelle Falkoff!...Read on to hear Michelle answer questions about balancing a writing career along with a full-time job, books that make her cry, and every author's struggle: criticism."

Alyson Gerber.jpg

"Alyson Gerber is the critically acclaimed author of books BRACED, FOCUSED, and now TAKING UP SPACE. Her novels follow middle-grade heroines adapting to scoliosis, ADHD, disordered eating, and more. Her books have created a safe haven for millions of readers - young and old - who see reflections of themselves within the pages. Alyson Gerber's newest book, TAKING UP SPACE, is a powerful novel about Sarah, a middle school girl, and Sarah's experiences with disordered eating."

Writing by the Water

50 Questions to Ask Your Characters

"These 50 questions will help you get a clear idea of your character's appearance, morals, quirks, and motives. Basically, by the end of your sleepover, you're going to know everything about your main character...which will really help improve your writing!"

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.jpg

Author Spotlight: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

"Our February spotlighted author has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for her award-winning duology, lives on a 52-acre farm, has published 17 and counting books, and owns way too many cats! Who is it? It's Kimberly Brubaker Bradley!"


My Favorite Character Names

"Choosing character names is one of my favorite parts of writing! Here is a list of ten names I love. I've included the meaning of the name and what genre I think it best fits. On a few of them, I've listed a few traits I thought of when I heard it. Hopefully, this post will help you find the perfect name to match your character's disposition or give you a boost of creativity!"

Man Writing

The 10 Commandments of Writing

"Being a writer is hard! Sometimes you get stuck in ruts, your characters won't behave, and you can't seem to come up with a good plot. Today, I've compiled 10 Commandments that will help you have fun and inspire your fingers to get typing."

Alan Gratz

Author Spotlight: Alan Gratz

"Alan Gratz is the author of the ever popular books Grenade, Projekt 1065, Prisoner B-3087, Refugee, and more!... Read on to hear him answer questions about advice, research, and everything an aspiring novelist needs to know."

joanna rakoff author spotlight.PNG

"Joanna Rakoff is the award-winning novelist, poet, and freelance journalist who penned the memoir My Salinger Year that has readers and critics alike raving. Her beautifully written memoir is not of the trashy tell-all material. Instead, she has given us an artful coming-of-age tale that appeals to all generations."

Woman Writing

A Step-by-Step Plan For Getting Over Writing Rejection

"So let's say you submitted a piece of writing to one of those magazines. You heard back and you're so excited. You start envisioning showing all of your friends and family members your writing in a real live magazine. Then you open up the envelope or click on the email and read..."

Ugh Writing Problem.png

Every Writer's Biggest Problem With David Ward

"You have the playlist, the pens, and the picture window. Yet every time you sit down and write, something goes awry. This week, I've teamed up with successful author David Ward to solve your ten biggest writing problems."

Spilling Ink.jpg

My Top Writing Books

"We first learned to string words together by listening to others speak. Then we read books and discovered which phrases rolled off our tongues. By this time, you've probably experimented yourself with developing characters, establishing conflict, and sketching out a plot. By reading writing books, authors can refine their craft."

Sharon Draper.jpeg

Author Spotlight: Sharon Draper

"Our February 2019 Author Spotlight writer is the five-time winner of the Coretta Scott King... Read on to hear all about Mrs. Draper's writing process, her favorite ice cream flavor, and how she names her characters!"

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