• Zoe

The 10 Commandments of Writing

Being a writer is hard! Sometimes you get stuck in ruts, your characters won't behave, and you can't seem to come up with a good plot. Today, I've compiled 10 Commandments that will help you have fun and inspire your fingers to get typing.

Commandment #1

It's the age-old question . . . where do I write? Outside or inside? At my desk or under my comforter? Should I write in a notebook, a Google Doc, or with a typewriter? Spoiler alert: there's no exact spot.

Disappointing, I know. My only suggestion is to work somewhere that inspires you. Maybe sitting on the riverbank, feeling the wind ruffle your hair is making you love writing right now. Maybe tomorrow it's your tidy desk that makes the words flow out of you. Your project can be adaptable, created on trains or sitting at a diner or under the starry sky, or it can be shaped entirely in one spot. It all depends on what motivates you to write!

Commandment #2