• Zoe

Where Young Authors Can Get Published

Are you a tween or teen looking to get published? This is the blog post for you! I've put together a list of contests, magazines, and other publications where you can get published.

Can I really get my writing published?

Yes, and you should! Getting published is a great way to practice your writing craft and nothing feels better than getting recognized for your hard work.

Do I have to pay to submit my writing?

For some publications, you have to pay a submission fee. However, each one on this list is completely free.

Will I get paid for my writing?

You will sometimes earn money if you are accepted! Read the description below each listing to find out if you could receive money for your work.

What's the deadline for submitting work?

It depends on each publication. I've included the dates for submission for 2020. However, many of these listings are available each year. Just click on the website to figure out dates.

I've organized this list into ten categories: contests and magazines. Remember that writing has its ups and downs. One magazine or contest might not be right for your piece, but another is. Don't be afraid to be rejected, and remember that your failures will help you reach the top!