• Zoe

My Top Writing Books

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Reading books about writing is so important! Imagine two new surgeons, one who has observed countless perfect procedures and one who has seen two performed. Who do you think will be more successful? Pretend the first one has also read textbooks about how to complete this procedure, while the second one hasn't and is fumbling in the dark. Now, who do you think is going to be the better surgeon?

This same analogy can be applied to authors. We first learned to string words together by listening to others speak. Then we read books and discovered which phrases rolled off our tongues. By this time, you've probably experimented yourself with developing characters, establishing conflict, and sketching out a plot. By reading writing books, authors can refine their craft.

Maybe you have a fast-paced, fascinating plot but little to no description in your novel. Perhaps you have no idea how to write dialogue or take criticism. J.K. Rowling wasn't born knowing exactly how to write a book (well, probably not) and neither were you! When you delve into these books, you improve your writing and gain skills you lack.

There are a few books that I absolutely love! I'm rating them based on their creativity, how fun they are to read, their inspiration factor, and a few other things. I believe that a writing book should be accessible to all ages, something chock full of material, and a book that galvanizes your creative juices.

Spilling Ink

What audience: Spilling Ink is a handbook designed for y