• Zoe

My Favorite Character Names

Updated: May 27, 2019

Choosing character names is one of my favorite parts of writing! I think it's so cool how each name has a different meaning and connotation. When we create characters, we piece together different parts of personalities and experiences we've had. My dad David B. Ward, who wrote Practicing the Preaching Life, once said that when weaving a story, we're not coming up with something entirely new. We're actually weaving together different scraps of material that's already been used for something to create a colorful quilt. I really liked this delineation and I think it applies to characters as well. We authors are combining this amazing mix of traits to create a fictional character. These attributes help define them. Where would Hermione be without her wit and determination? Katniss without her courage and loyalty? I personally love deciding on a name that reflects the character's nature. (A writing book for young authors, Spilling Ink, goes deeper into constructing protagonists if you're interested.)

Here is a list of ten names I love. I've included the meaning of the name and what genre I think it best fits. On a few of them, I've listed a few traits I thought of when I heard it. Hopefully, this post will help you find the perfect name to match your character's disposition or give you a much-needed boost of creativity!


Genre: fantasy/romance

Meaning: 'olive tree'

My thoughts: I love this name! It could also be a nickname for Olivia, which is more common. I think names can sometimes be too unusual, especially in dystopian or sci-fi novels, so using a nickname for a familiar name is a way to get the best of both worlds. I've always imagined a Livvy as brunette with dark blue eyes. The name strikes me as someone who is very open and sweet