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Zoe Ward

Zoe Ward is a book, writing, food, and lifestyle blogger stationed in the US. She started this website in May 2018 to share the power of literature. She now has expanded the website to include recipe and lifestyle posts.

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200K+ monthly viewers

1000+ monthly site sessions

+457% growth over 1 month

2000+ monthly post views

*statistics as of December 2022

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sponsored posts


guest posts

book reviews

product reviews

I am open to discussing more opportunities.


Zoe has worked with a wide variety of successful authors. Here is a small selection of authors she has worked with.

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Chris Grabenstein

joanna rakoff author spotlight.PNG

Joanna Rakoff

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Carrie Berk

Alan Gratz

Alan Gratz

Sharon Draper.jpeg

Sharon M. Draper

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Alyson Gerber

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