• Zoe

Charming Books About Small Towns

Small town plots are addictive...any Hallmark fan should know. Bigger isn't always better, especially in fiction! Books set in small towns where everyone knows everyone's business leads to charming scenery, plenty of meddling, and a good dose of humor.

Everyone's wanted to live in a tiny town with the idyllic hilarity of Mayberry or Stars Hallow at least once! And while I can't pay for your moving van, you can still slip into the small-town-world with a book. Here's a list of 5 charming books set in small towns!

1. Pretty in Punxsutawney

It's movie nerd Andie's first day at a new high school in the teeny town of Punxsutawney and she is terrified. She's never been very popular or a total outcast. She's just kind of...there. But this year, she's determined to change that.

After her mom makes her watch Pretty in Pink the night before, Andie wakes up ready to take on the world...and her crush. But the day doesn't exactly go as planned and Andie is left buried under the covers, wishing her first day never happened. And when she wakes up, it hasn't. Andie gets stuck in a time loop: reliving her first day of high school over and over. She's convinced that if she gets a kiss from her true love, the loop will end. Andie lives through her day over and over, taking new risks and learning more and more about the people at her school. But will she ever get that kiss? Or will she be stuck in her loop forever?

I thought this book was fun and light! The main plot doesn't center around small towns quite as much as the other books, but it's still an interesting, Groundhog Day-esque read.

2. Friendship Bread