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Prince Charming: Book Review

@littlemeadowreads bookstagram photo of Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins.
@littlemeadowreads took this amazing photo!

Daisy Winters can't wait to leave her job at Sur-N-Sav. It's not the rude customers or standing up all day. It's because she hates passing the magazine racks and seeing the headlines about her sister Eleanor.

Eleanor (Ellie) left for college in Scotland and somewhere in between picking up an accent and viewing all the kilts, met Prince Alexander, an eligible royal who has all the Scottish girls drooling. Scotland and Alex fell in love with Ellie's shiny hair and aristocrat manners too. The happy couple might be tying the knot but, unlike every other girl in the country, Daisy hopes to never meet the royal family.

To say she doesn't fit in might be a bit of an understatement. With dyed scarlet hair and an interest in books and cosplay, Daisy is a far cry from her new imperial relatives.

But whether Daisy likes it or not, she and her eclectic parents are heading to Scotland. When she gets there, she's caught up in a swirl of royal insanity...tabloids! Dress fittings! Not to mention all the cover-up work the staff has to do after Daisy had a few choice words for some nobility.

Scotland's most-crushed-on-guy comes in the form of Sebastian, Alex's younger brother. While he smiles prettily in the magazines, he's kicking up a trail of scandal. His best friend Miles is put up to the task of keeping Seb in line and making sure Daisy doesn't knock a queen's hat off.

Daisy almost wishes she could go back to Sur-N-Save as she desperately tries to please her sister's wishes, stay clear of monarch drama, and deal with the romance heading her way. Rachel Hawkins creates a delicious and witty romance that will sway the most obstinate of romance-haters. With clever dialogue, a fresh plot, and a sassy heroine, Prince Charming is the perfect winter read!

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