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Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Bookworm

Last year, I wrote a blog post full of bookish merch, and you guys loved it! So, in honor of the Christmas season, here is a list of holiday gifts for your bibliophile friend. Whether it's for your co-worker who's told you seven times to read Harry Potter (seriously, do it!) or a treat yo' self, I guarantee you'll find something you love on this list!

We bibliomaniacs can testify to using some really weird things as bookmarks! I've used receipts, folded tissues (clean tissues, guys, clean tissues), and gum wrappers. But for just 5 dollars, your aesthete buddy will never lose their spot again! These five bookmarks are from Obvious State and are made of heavy matte paper.

Every bookworm knows the pain of lending someone a book and having them return it torn and battered or worse, never giving it back. Solve all their problems with this personal library kit! It comes with 20 pockets that harmlessly attach to the back of your books, 20 checkout cards, a date stamp, a stamp pad, and a little librarian pencil. You'll never lose a book again and add a little old-fashioned-charm to your novels!

If you've read it, flaunt it! This Uncommon Goods Scratch-Off Poster features 100 Book Titles with whimsical stickers to track your reading progress. This poster hangs easily in any room and is a cool way to show off your reading addiction!

This cheeky pillow is the perfect addition to any book addict's room! Reversible and super-soft, it's cute and extremely relatable. It also includes a free greeting card for easy gifting, so if you don't have to worry about getting your procrastinating self to the store on time.

I love this mug!! It also comes with the phrases "I'm Silently Correcting Your Grammar," "My Workout Is Reading In Bed Till My Arms Hurt," "So Many Books, So Little Time," "Hug in a Mug," "Professional Bookworm," and "Happiness is a Cup of Coffee & a Good Book," so you can have your choice of sassy book sayings.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society fans and other pen-pal correspondents will love this gift! These one hundred postcards feature literary quotes from celebrated authors. There's nothing like great writing to inspire great writing!

I have this coloring book and it's gorgeous! The Selection is one of my favorite book series and I adore Kiera Cass's use of imagery throughout. It was so cool to see the world come to life and the artist did a beautiful (and accurate!) job. The book is filled with beloved quotes and scenes from the bestselling series. You'll love getting swept up in the gorgeous world where monarchies rule, a poor girl rebels, and floor-length gowns steal the show. Bonus points if you listen to the audiobook while reading!

Everyone wants to jump into the world of Little Women once in a while, especially during the cozy holiday season! This charming cookbook begins with a personality quiz to see which March sister you're most like. It then points you to the recipe section for whatever sister you are! While naturally including recipes for Jo's disaster of a dinner, the book also shares instructions for Remarkably Plummy Wedding Cake, Molasses Candy, and Tomato Catsup.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy gifting! Ciao, Zoe.

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