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Amazing Graphic Novels for Stubborn Readers

Graphic novels are fun reads and the perfect way to get kids interested in reading! In case you aren't familiar with the format, graphic novels tell the story of any other book, just in a comic book format. They're always paired with colorful illustrations and smaller pieces of text. Some only use words in speech bubbles, while others do a mix of speech bubbles and sentences, and some have short paragraphs.

Whichever one you choose, these books are really fun. I've seen more and more come out recently, and their limited speech and pictures are a great way to entice unwilling readers. They subtly teach vocabulary and sentence structure in a way that's more enticing than a regular book but will get kids hooked on reading.

I hope you enjoy this list of graphic novels. Stick around until the end for a recommendation for adults!

Cece was finally released from the hospital after an accident and her life is going great! She looks awesome in the swimsuit she wears everywhere, her siblings are being nicer to her, and she loves spending time with her best friend. But something is definitely wrong. She can't hear anybody! Her parents take her to a doctor, who fits her for hearing aids. Just when Cece is finally getting used to her hearing aids, her family moves.

El Deafo follows Cece in her new school, as she manages with a HUGE hearing aid, friendships, and lots of awkward interactions! No matter what Cece goes through, she's okay. Why? Because she has a hidden (and hilarious) superhero no one else knows about: El Deafo. Watch out world!

2. Smile and Sisters

Raina Telgemeier is arguably the best-loved graphic novel author for kids! Her books Smile and Sisters follow her younger self, Raina.

In Smile, we learn about Raina's middle school problems and m-a-n-y dental mishaps. When she trips coming home from Girl Scouts, one of her front teeth goes up into her gum and the other one is lost. Through braces, surgeries, and funky headgear, Smile is a hilarious novel about finding yourself (and your teeth).

In Sisters, Raina Telgemeier uses another string of funny comics to tell the story of her and her sister Amara's relationship. When she was little, Raina begged for a sister but Amara wasn't quite like she expected. Snappish and never wanting to play with Raina, the two didn't exactly form the best bond. But when martial troubles cause their family to go on a huge summer road trip, they might just have to make amends.

Is there anyone who didn't love The Babysitter's Club books? These beloved classics are getting a reboot! With colorful scenes, snappy dialogue, and the same classic plots, these books are a big hit. They're the perfect way to introduce a series you loved to a different generation!

4. Camp

Olive is thrilled to be going to camp with her best friend Willow! She can't wait for camp meals, activities, and swimming. She's having an awesome time...but Willow definitely isn't. Willow is shy and disengaged, pushing away the other girls in the cabin and getting mad at Olive when she hangs out with someone else. Their disagreement turns into a full-blown fight and now Olive's not sure they're even friends anymore. Can they settle their differences before camp is over?

Accompanied by its sequel Click, Camp is sweet, simple, and a great introductory graphic novel for elementary age kids.

Astrid's mom is always taking her and her best friend Nicole on "field trips" in an attempt to broaden their horizons. Most of the trips are boring (Astrid can't stand looking at museum paintings for so long) but when her mother takes them to watch a roller derby, Astrid is all for it.

Astrid convinces her mom to sign her up for roller derby camp and naturally assumes that Nicole would want to do it too. Instead, Nicole opts for dance camp and Astrid is left all alone. With a failing friendship and some rough times at the rink, Astrid quickly discovers that roller derby is a lot tougher than she thought...but maybe she is too.

Sunny's summer isn't shaping up to be anything like she expected it to be. Her older brother is causing her family a lot of trouble and after one particular incident on the fourth of July, Sunny's parents send her to go visit her grandpa in Florida. At first, she's thrilled. Disney World! But she quickly discovers that her grandpa is living in a retirement community with lots of other elderly people. When Sunny makes friends with a guy named Buzz and they set out on a comic book quest, she starts to think that this summer may not be a total bust after all.

This is one of my favorite graphic novels! Its plot is similar to one of an actual book and it's great for kids in grades 4-6 wondering where they fit in.

It's no secret that I adore Anne of Green Gables! When I heard that there was a graphic novel coming out, I was immediately intrigued. The book, while in a much different format than the original, is still nostalgic and intriguing. It was fun to see this cherished book in a new light.

If you do introduce this book to someone younger, however, use it as a beginning! The graphic novel is charming but naturally can't include all of Anne's hilarious speeches and adventures. The full-length novel takes this tale from great to a classic, so be sure to use this as a stepping stone to get them interested in the real deal.

Bonus: Something New by Lucy Knisley

Graphic novels are fun, easier reads for kids AND adults! This one is great for our older readers. Something New is about one woman's experience planning a wedding and it's much more interesting and hilarious than you would expect it to be. Lucy Knisley uses illustrations and short paragraphs to share the account of her slightly unconventional wedding. With a cast of eccentric characters and wedding day stress, this is not one to be missed!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found something new to read! Have a great weekend. Ciao, Zoe.

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