• Zoe

Amazing Graphic Novels for Stubborn Readers

Graphic novels are fun reads and the perfect way to get kids interested in reading! In case you aren't familiar with the format, graphic novels tell the story of any other book, just in a comic book format. They're always paired with colorful illustrations and smaller pieces of text. Some only use words in speech bubbles, while others do a mix of speech bubbles and sentences, and some have short paragraphs.

Whichever one you choose, these books are really fun. I've seen more and more come out recently, and their limited speech and pictures are a great way to entice unwilling readers. They subtly teach vocabulary and sentence structure in a way that's more enticing than a regular book but will get kids hooked on reading.

I hope you enjoy this list of graphic novels. Stick around until the end for a recommendation for adults!

1. El Deafo

Cece was finally released from the hospital after an accident and her life is going great! She looks awesome in the swimsuit she wears everywhere, her siblings are being nicer to her, and she loves spending time with her best friend. But something is definitely wrong. She can't hear anybody! Her parents take her to a doctor, who fits her for hearing aids. Just when Cece is finally getting used to her hearing aids, her family moves.

El Deafo follows Cece in her new school, as she manages with a HUGE hearing aid, friendships, and lots of awkward interactions! No matter what