• Zoe

2021 Book Releases You Won't Be Able to Put Down

Are you stuck in a reading rut and needing some fresh books on your shelves? You need these six 2021 book releases on your shelf! With punchy storylines, important messages, and gripping dialogue, you've got to order these new books right away.

Disclaimer: I haven't read these books yet, but I hope to in 2021.

Aftershocks: Dispatches From the Frontlines of Identity

Release date: January 12, 2021

Synopsis: "I have lived in disaster and disaster has lived in me. Our shared languages are thunder and reverberation.

When Nadia Owusu was two years old her mother abandoned her and her baby sister and fled from Tanzania back to the US. When she was thirteen her beloved Ghanaian father died of cancer. She and her sister were left alone, with a stepmother they didn't like, adrift.