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8 Creative Bookstagram Ideas to Showcase Your Reads

Cozy bookshelves, bookish this-or-thats, and yellow heart emojis galore...

If you're not familiar with this latest trend, you should be! Called #bookstagrams, bookstagram accounts are Instagram profiles mostly consisting of, well, books.

Waaait...what's a bookstagram?

A typical bookstagram account

  • is public (some Instagram accounts are private but everyone should be able to view a bookstagram account)

  • has a certain aesthetic (like warm, autumnal tones)

  • is full of artistic photos featuring books, bookshelves, bookstores, etc.

There are a ton of bookstagram accounts (I've linked a few of my faves at the bottom of this post.). Bookstagram is a big community! Bookstagrammers browse hashtags to discover other bookstagrammers (Instagram is HUGE on hashtags) and become friends. Bookstagram has many kind, encouraging people that make bookstagram a great place to find new bookish buddies!

So how can I bookstagram?

Pen2Paper's Instagram account hopped onto this trend wagon too with #bookishtuesdays. You don't have to create an entirely new account to post photos. But as the bookstagram population has a ton of easily browsable hashtags (key to being discovered on Instagram), posting a few bookstagram photos can help you grow your following and share your love for books.

Snapping creative shots of your books is easy! I've listed 8 ideas for artistic photos below. But before you scroll, remember: good lighting is always key 👌

#1: Snap Some Shelves

If you can't bear the thought of setting up a photo, head to your local bookstore or library. (Better yet, take a photo of your own shelves.) Find something you find beautiful...your own color-coded haven or dusty volumes like the ones above.

#2: Where Are You Reading?

This photo is courtesy of @wordchild

Bookstagrammers' accounts are full of books laying on beds or breakfast tables. The key: putting the book in its natural habitat, where you're reading it, whether or not the photo's a leetle bit staged.


  • showing off your mouth-watering food by placing your current read next to it

  • keeping it cozy by staging a shot on top of your fluffy duvet (check out @miasbookblog for more inspo)

#3: Pick a Color Theme

Artists have done the hard part by making book covers absolutely gorgeous, so don't fight it! I adore the magenta swirls on the Braced book cover and, lucky for me, I happen to have a comforter in the same shade! Keeping these monochromatic makes your photo extra aesthetic...and easy for picture-planning.

#4: Books On the Go

If you're an avid reader, you never go anywhere without a novel.

So play off of stunning surroundings! Just hold a book up in front of your camera, making sure to get both the title and whatever pretty place you're looking at.

Keep the pic paperback-focused by holding the novel out over your walking feet. Cobblestones make a great backdrop too.

#5: Play Around with Backdrops

Books on their own can be beautiful, but adding an intriguing background will make your bookstagram photos pop! One of my favorite ones involves using more books for the backdrop. Using open books like the photo above allows the book you're featuring to stand out more while using monochromatic book covers can create a tile-like feel.

Other backgrounds to try are:

  • wood (Try stringing fairy lights all around your kitchen table for extra-cozy vibes. Wood panels from fences also look cool!)

  • cozy blankets

  • nature! (trees, your backyard, or the grass covered in leaves all look beautiful)

#6: Add A Little Life

An easy way to add life to your Instagram is using plants! I always love using roses from our garden. Real flowers photograph beautifully, but fake ones are easy to keep on hand. Succulents and other small potted plants help liven up your feed. You can also use sprinkled petals, fall leaves, or dried flowers pressed between pages.

#7: Throw in Different Textures

You'll notice that many bookstagrammers will toss a piece of clothing, particularly sweaters, in front of the picture frame. This adds texture and height differentiation, both of which make the photo more interesting to look at. You can do the same thing with a soft blanket. For example, I was going for a very autumnal look here and my cardigan helped send it home!

Another prop popular bookstagrammers love to use is the white bed. White duvets or sheets appear laid-back and natural as a backdrop. The reason many choose white is that it looks brighter and compliments everything.

You'll see I added a wooden cutting board into the bottom right corner of the photo above. This may seem like a random item to use but it tied in nicely with the other props. My tip is to just walk around the house! Find objects that catch your eye and see what will work well.

#8: Stack 'Em Up

If you're a bookworm, chances are you own a lotttt of books! Show off your collection by stackin' and snappin'. It's pretty much foolproof, but follow these few ideas for an extra pretty pile.

  • All things rosy! Keep it monochromatic (do you sense a theme here?) by showing off how many blue, pink, or black and white books you have.

  • Get in front of the camera! Even if you don't show your face, a picture of you carrying around the books will remind your followers who are used to seeing flatlays there's a real-life human behind each bookstagram.

  • Want to get fancy? Do some book spine poetry! Create a mash of book titles that tell a story.

Bookstagram Hashtags:

Like I mentioned before, hashtags are key to being discovered on Instagram. Leaving a comment on each of your Instagram posts with 30 or less relevant hashtags will help others find your account. Here are lists you can copy and paste!

Bookstagram Accounts to Follow

Need some more inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite bookstagrammers!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Click the heart button if you're ready to hop on the bookstagram trend. Leave a comment down below with your bookstagram handle and I'll come check you out! Have a great weekend! Ciao.

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