• Zoe

8 Creative Bookstagram Ideas to Showcase Your Reads

Cozy bookshelves, bookish this-or-thats, and yellow heart emojis galore...

If you're not familiar with this latest trend, you should be! Called #bookstagrams, bookstagram accounts are Instagram profiles mostly consisting of, well, books.

Waaait...what's a bookstagram?

A typical bookstagram account

  • is public (some Instagram accounts are private but everyone should be able to view a bookstagram account)

  • has a certain aesthetic (like warm, autumnal tones)

  • is full of artistic photos featuring books, bookshelves, bookstores, etc.

There are a ton of bookstagram accounts (I've linked a few of my faves at the bottom of this post.). Bookstagram is a big community! Bookstagrammers browse hashtags to discover other bookstagrammers (Instagram is HUGE on hashtags) and become friends. Bookstagram has many kind, encouraging people that make bookstagram a great place to find new bookish buddies!

So how can I bookstagram?

Pen2Paper's Instagram account hopped onto this trend wagon too with #bookishtuesdays. You don't have to create an entirely new account to post photos. But as the bookstagram population has a ton of easily browsable hashtags (key to being discovered on Instagram), posting a few bookstagram photos can help you grow your following and share your love for books.

Snapping creative shots of your books is easy! I've listed 8 ideas for artistic photos below. But before you scroll, remember: good lighting is always key 👌

#1: Snap Some Shelves

If you can't bear the thought of setting up a photo, head to your local bookstore or library. (Better yet, take a photo of your own shelves.) Find something you find beautiful...your own color-coded haven or dusty volumes like the ones above.

#2: Where Are You Reading?

This photo is courtesy of @wordchild

Bookstagrammers' accounts are full of books laying on beds or breakfast tables. The key: putting the book in its natural habitat, where you're reading it, whether or not the photo's a leetle bit staged.


  • showing off your mouth-watering food by placing your current read next to it