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Fun Bookish Quizzes for Your Inner Bookworm

Online quizzes are a fun way to pass the time, and what's better than a list of perfectly bookish quizzes? Find out what book character you are, how literary-obsessed you are, if you would survive The Hunger Games, and more.

Do you have some impressive books on your shelves? Check off the books you've read and find out your score. It will even compare you to other quiz takers so you can see if you've beat the best.

Are you more of an Elizabeth Bennett or Jo March? This quiz has you plan a fun night in, complete with music, snacks, and giraffe onesies. Plan your night out to find out which classic literary character is most like you!

Ah, The Selection. It's time to figure out if you're fiesty like America, sweet like Marley, or someone else. Would you be the one to win the crown?

Looking for a new read you'll love just as much as this series? The author just came out with a new book called The Betrothed, and it's pretty awesome.

It's time to test your literary prowess! Check off as many of the Top 100 books that you've read and see your results. It's pretty tough, but you'll definitely add some new titles to your to-be-read list.

Ever wondered how far you would make it in The Hunger Games? This interactive quiz has you make choices that will decide your fate in this ruthless game.

P.S. Obsessed with this series? A new book just came out and you can check it out here.

Sure, you love to read, but how obsessed with books are you really? This quiz has you check off all the things you've done, such as how many books you pack for vacation, the latest you've stayed up to finish a book, etc. See what percentage book-obsessed you are and find out if you've beaten everyone else.

Anne of Green Gables is a classic and definitely not to be missed. Chances are, you've read it sometime during your life, but how well do you really know the beloved book? A few tricky questions will test your knowledge and see if you and Anne are kindred spirits.

Ever wondered what kind of book your life would make? Well, now you don't have to. Take this quiz to discover what classic book you are.

That's all for today's post! I hope you've enjoyed this list of quizzes for bookworms. Did you try any of them? What were your results? Let me know in the comments below. Ciao, Zoe.

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