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Jack & Louisa: Book Review

Lou just got back from theater camp, and she's even more infatuated with being on stage than ever! When she spots her new neighbor sporting a Mary Poppins: the Musical T-shirt, her active imagination kicks into overdrive. Could he possibly be an MTN, musical theater nerd, just like her?

Jack can't believe he was forced to move from New York City, where he starred in Broadway musicals, to the Midwest, where all the houses look the same. Mortified about the embarrassing incident that cost him his last job, he's determined to keep his acting persona under wraps. But can Jack overcome his fear of performing to star in his favorite musical . . . with a little help from his spunky neighbor?

MTNs and acting lovers alike with adore this charming new novel of friendship and pursuing your dreams. Jack & Louisa: Act 1 will inspire you to belt your favorite song a little louder, shimmy down a stage, and cartwheel over whatever's stopping you.

What's your favorite musical or play? I've been loving the soundtrack of Legally Blonde: The Musical and I also get to go see Anastasia soon, which I'm super excited about.

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