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A Match Made in Mehendi: Book Review

A Match Made in Mehendi is a sweet, henna-filled teen novel about high school and matchmaking. Simi has an unfortunate clumsy streak - something her Indian mom likes to point out a little too much. But Simi's unlucky tumble into an expensive vase at a department store catches the eye of a very cute worker. With Simi's deft hands, the worker and Simi's cousin hit it off. For once, Simi's mom is overjoyed...and thinks that Simi has been passed down the family trait.

Her family might have been successfully matchmaking for over a hundred years, but Simi is an artist! She's not looking for a career in interviewing middle-aged Indians. But her friend Noah thinks it's a great idea. Noah and Simi were stuck on the sidelines freshman year. Now they're determined to create a name for themselves at school and the ancient art of matchmaking might be their key.

With a carefully designed app, the best friend duo takes the high school by storm. Noah and Simi are having a great time matching & mixing until Simi's nemesis gets wind that they're the ones in charge of the app. Soon, they begin to receive threats if certain couples aren't matched. Things only get more complicated when Simi and Noah run the test on themselves and question a date-to-be's motives.

This novel has all the elements of a good teen or tween novel: dating blunders, self-exploration, and banter. A Match Made in Mehendi is completely appropriate for readers and I thought it was a light, intriguing book! I read it on vacation and it passed an hour or two in the car ride.

I really enjoyed this read! The plot wasn't predictable like many tween novels. However, I did mark it down a star because it had little to none substantial value. Sure, it had great morals of family and friendship, but you don't walk away with much but a good time. But if you're fine with this and just looking for a fun book, go right ahead!

I hope you enjoyed this book review as much as I enjoyed the book! Have a great week. Ciao!

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