• Zoe

5 Christian Family Movies on Netflix

Chances are, you're spending quite a bit of time on Netflix these days! It can be hard to find family movies that everyone can watch. I'm helping you out by listing my top 5 Christian flicks for families on Netflix. Whether or not you are a Christian, these movies are clean and family appropriate. Please note that some of these movies do ask tough questions that may not be appropriate for very young viewers. I've tried to include a basic age range and have also linked to their Common Sense Media reviews so that you can have a detailed description of what's in the movie. Enjoy!

1. The Case for Christ

Age Range: 10+

Language: n/a

Common Sense Media Review

Journalist Lee and his wife Leslie are total atheists and have never had any reason for God. But when a woman saves the life of their daughter at a restaurant and credits the Lord, Leslie starts to wonder. Lee grows more and more furious as Leslie dives deeper into her newfound faith. Determined to prove that the Christian faith is nothing but lies, he sets out to make a journalist's case against the Lord. If you are not into the Jesus thing, you will like Lee. Lee discovers more and more about his wife's religion and unearths facts that will alter his life.

This is such a good movie! They tackle many doubts and allegations about Christian faith but still have a moving and interesting plot. There is no language in this movie to my recollection. The reason I rated it 10+ is because there is drinking and younger kids may not be interested in a more serious plot, but it's going to vary kid-to-kid.