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5 Christian Family Movies on Netflix

Chances are, you're spending quite a bit of time on Netflix these days! It can be hard to find family movies that everyone can watch. I'm helping you out by listing my top 5 Christian flicks for families on Netflix. Whether or not you are a Christian, these movies are clean and family appropriate. Please note that some of these movies do ask tough questions that may not be appropriate for very young viewers. I've tried to include a basic age range and have also linked to their Common Sense Media reviews so that you can have a detailed description of what's in the movie. Enjoy!

Age Range: 10+

Language: n/a

Journalist Lee and his wife Leslie are total atheists and have never had any reason for God. But when a woman saves the life of their daughter at a restaurant and credits the Lord, Leslie starts to wonder. Lee grows more and more furious as Leslie dives deeper into her newfound faith. Determined to prove that the Christian faith is nothing but lies, he sets out to make a journalist's case against the Lord. If you are not into the Jesus thing, you will like Lee. Lee discovers more and more about his wife's religion and unearths facts that will alter his life.

This is such a good movie! They tackle many doubts and allegations about Christian faith but still have a moving and interesting plot. There is no language in this movie to my recollection. The reason I rated it 10+ is because there is drinking and younger kids may not be interested in a more serious plot, but it's going to vary kid-to-kid.

Age Range: 9+

Language: n/a

A bitter college professor convinces his philosophy class to sign a paper saying God is dead. After all, he argues, believing in a celestial, all-powerful being is an ancient superstition used to explain what science now understands. The professor says faith is a dated belief that society is too advanced to maintain, and everyone signs the paper. Except for one student. One freshman stands up and he and the professor begin weekly debates in class, arguing whether or not God actually exists. The movie follows the story of several different people, all dealing with questions in the Christian faith, and outlines the inspiring story of a revival.

This movie has uplifting evangelistic themes and pulls on your heartstrings. With strong Christian content and an ending of rebirth and mercy, this is not one to be missed. This movie has no language or inappropriate themes.

Age Range: 9+

Language: n/a

In this "threequel" to the movie above (although easy to understand as a stand-alone), the church on campus is facing destruction. When a student ignites a fire, college administrators decide that the church simply isn't worth the hassle anymore. The pastor, who is one of the lead characters in the first movie as well, begins the process of suing the college. College students seeing the destruction of the church are forced to confront their own spiritual faith. Who is God anyway? How does anyone know he's actually real? This fast-moving flick is a touching story of reconciliation, igniting your faith, and what Christians mean in our modern world.

Age Range: 10+

Language: n/a

Alice is completely overwhelmed at the prospect of becoming a mother. She's coming out of a traumatic childhood and needs to get hastily married to her boyfriend Charlie. At first, Charlie is all in. But as their first son Ronnie gets older and siblings Kate and Faith join him, Charlie works more and becomes disinterested. Alice is anxious and has no idea how to correct things she sees in her kids, even if they are being raised in the church.

Ronnie leaves for college, becoming an atheist and making horrible choices that devastate his parents. Kate shows signs of following in his footsteps, sneaking out and going out with guys that threaten her safety. Determined to keep Kate from continuing down that route, Charlie and Alice reunite and decide to change everything.

Their household soon becomes Christianity-focused and the results of trying to teach their children to live godly lives is astounding. The movie becomes tender and touching, with beautiful lessons of what God wants in a family. This is one of my favorite movies on Netflix in general!

Age Range: 9+

Language: Minor cuss words are occasionally used. Insults are used as well.

No one would have looked at overweight kid Brandon Burlsworth and thought he would become somebody important. And after he did, no one thought he would die. Greater is the story of an exceptional football player named Brandon who overcomes the odds in pursuit of his football dreams.

Growing up in a broken home, Brandon never lost sight of the Lord. Determined to persevere and become an Arizona Razorback, he made it his mission to be the first one on the field and the last one off. With respect and hard work, Brandon works to exceed everyone's expectations and become someone truly great. His actions inspire his whole football team to make a radical change touching believers and nonbelievers alike.

The movie faces difficult questions about pain, loss, and the silence of God. Switching between Brandon's life and the wake of his death, this movie is poignant and touching and inspires you to become someone truly great.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Comment below other Christian or clean movies you've loved. Ciao, Zoe.

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