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20+ Things to Do While Self-Quarantined

Thanks to COVID-19, chances are you're self-quarantined right about now. *cue the screaming.* At the start, I couldn't stop talking about all the stuff I was going to be able to get done while stuck at home. Deep-cleaning! An awesome homeschool program! Read classic books! I had visions of organized rooms, limited screen time, and productive fun. Let me tell you guys, this did not happen.

Instead, the first few days of self-quarantine were marked by too much Netflix, burning hatred for the confines of my room, and complete and total boredom. I'm not alone here, right?

Lucky for you, I have the solution! Especially if you have kids in the house, chances are you need to do something to keep from going stir-crazy. I've put together a list of over 20 things to keep you busy during self-quarantine! What to watch, cook, listen to, and some super fun activities for the whole family. Enjoy!


Self-quarantine is the perfect time to get in the kitchen! Try recipes you've never had to make, finally get on track with your fitness goals, or make a sweet treat the family will love.

  1. Grind up your Oreos and create the best dip of your life with homemade cookie butter. (Seriously, my family is obsessed with this! Dip strawberries, pretzel chips, or graham crackers.)

  2. Opt for a healthier breakfast and make yourself an Oatmeal and Berries smoothie.

  3. Looking for something sweet but don't want to pack on the calories? Pinch of Yum's cookie dough energy bites are quick, healthy, and deceptively delicious.

  4. Get the fam involved and try out some no-churn lemon ice cream!

  5. Try your hand at making your own rock candy. It's simple, with ingredients you probably already have, and kids will love seeing the magic!

DIY Projects

You've got a lot of time on your hands, so why not tackle some of those Pinterest crafts you've always wanted to do? If you have littles at home, opt for something everyone can enjoy.

  1. Take an old pair of jeans and turn them into a DIY jean skirt! Your favorite baby blues with a tear in the knee finally can be put it good use.

  2. Make your own bookmarks! I love these super-simple fruit slice ones. If you have some extra felt on your hands and can stitch a little, make these adorable tea bag bookmarks.

  3. If you want a beautiful garden but kill every plant you touch, this one's for you! Attempt some origami succulents that might be even cuter than the real thing.

  4. If you do have a green thumb, try this easy windowsill garden! It's designed so kids can help, and you know they'll love seeing plants sprout without the hassle of a large garden plot.

  5. Another activity great for little biddies is a homemade bird feeder. Using string, a paper plate, peanut butter, and cereal, you can make a really easy craft to hang on your tree!

Get Active

Don't be a couch potato! It's super important to stay active during self-quarantine. But keep in mind that if you go outside, keep your distance from neighbors and friends. This isn't the time to be socializing and close to people. We're trying to stop the spread of the virus!

  1. Bust out the yoga mats and try a fun family yoga routine!

  2. Start a game of kickball or 4-square outside.

  3. Go for a bike ride or family walk. (But make sure to stay about 6 feet away from people not in your household!)

  4. Set up an indoor scavenger hunt.

  5. Have an indoor snowball fight with these awesome fake snowballs!

Family Activities

If you're lucky enough to be locked up with others, make the time go faster with these activities!

  1. Play card games! We love SkipBo, Monopoly Deal, Hand and Foot, and NERTS.

  2. Have an indoor camp-out! Drag your sleeping bags to the living, pop some popcorn, toast microwavable s'mores, and watch a family movie. Tarzan, The Princess and the Frog, Moana, Queen of Katwe, and Christopher Robin are all currently on Netflix! The Netflix show Sugar Rush is also super fun and will have your whole family rooting for a time.

  3. Make a fort and have reading time inside.

  4. Host a paper airplane competition! Award points for speed, distance, and creativity.

  5. Plat the "Would You Rather" Game with Alexa.

  6. Have a whole afternoon for a board game marathon!

  7. If you really want to win some points with the fam, follow these steps for a diy escape room! When you can't go out, they'll just have to come to you.

I hope you've enjoyed this list of activities while you're self-quarantined! Remember, wash your hands. Ciao, Zoe!

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