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The Best Board Games You've Never Heard Of

If you're anything like our family, you've been playing a lot more games lately! We've got a full closet of different games: two-player games, card games, board games, guessing games, and a few that are absolutely zany.

Today, I'm sharing with you a list of games we love! I've included four categories: card games, board games, games you can play on Zoom or Facetime, and some crazy and awesome ones you've never heard of. Enjoy!

Card Games

Ages 8+

2-5 Players

Ramen lovers, this one's for you! It's a race against the clock to be the first player to build three delicious ramen bowls. With different flavor combinations that will bring you points, players have to strategize and collect ingredient cards to create a high-scoring and yummy ramen bowl.

Even the packaging is adorable! It comes in what looks like a real-life ramen package, with mouth-watering ingredient cards and spoons to steal cards from other players. Noodle enthusiasts, don't miss this one!

Ages 8+

2-5 Players

Another fun family card game that will make you hungry, Sushi Go is fast and furious as you mix and match cards to create yummy flavor and point combinations. This isn't one for slow deliberation! All players take their turn at once which eliminates waiting for each person to decide. This results in a less frustrating and more fun game. With three rounds and choices of cards to get points, this game will keep you whipping through cards, laughing, and craving some sushi!

Ages 7+

2-6 Players

One of my favorite card games, this sequential card game is made by the creators of Uno and is great for the whole family, even younger members! It's a simple concept, as players attempt to eliminate their stack by laying down cards in number order. The first one to make their way through the entire stack wins. With the bonus card called a Skip-Bo, this one's sure to quickly become a family fave!

Board Games

Ages 6+

2-4 players

The perfect way to introduce your family to Catan, this game is ideal for younger kids, teens, and adults! Each player is a pirate and the purpose of the game is to expand your lairs and ships over the board to gather more materials and win the game. With supplies to be collected at the market, the dreaded ghost captain, and exciting bonus cards, this game will enchant the whole family!

Ages 8+

2-6 players

It's time to get your Nancy Drew on! For fans of Clue, Line-Up is a memory-based mystery game that will keep you on your toes. You have to travel from location to location. When you reach the scene of a crime, you'll try to memorize the face of a criminal for five seconds, locking their features into your memory. Then, you'll travel back to the police station and request a line-up! You'll see an increasing number of look-alikes, and have to choose who you think committed the act. It's fun, fast, and completely mind-boggling!

Ages 8+

2 players

In this classic game of battlefield strategy and capture-the-flag, you'll try to protect your army and capture the enemy's flag! You'll carefully position how you want each member of your army and set up spies, soldiers, miners, and bombs to conquer your opponent. Attacking, hiding, and deceiving, this board game will get your wheels turning and your guns firing!

Ages 10+

4+ players

It's the younger, more colorful, and funnier version of Apples to Apples! Meet PicWits, the perfect game for families and parties. The judge for the round lays down a picture and each player has to pair a hilarious caption with it. The judge then goes through the anonymously submitted options and picks their favorite. With funky photos and crack-up-worthy captions, this game is sure to bring laughs!

Games to Play on Zoom or FaceTime

Missing your far-away friends or family? Here are three games you can play over FaceTime or Zoom to keep game night going! These are games you've probably played before, but never over a laptop. I'll include a short description on how you can adapt these games for your friends miles away.

Ages 12+

4+ Players

"The game of unspeakable fun" is a racing timed game between two teams that will keep you guessing! The team member in charge of saying the hints will try to get the other teammates to guess the word on their card without saying a few "taboo" words. The results? Hilarity, competition, and lots of funny word blunders!

How to adapt it: Taboo is relatively simple to play over FaceTime or Zoom, as it's a mostly spoken game. If all players have the game, only the hint-giver will need to look at the cards for their turn and one member will keep score. If someone doesn't have the game, hold up the card to the camera so that the hint-giver for that round can see the word and have the guessers look away.


Ages 4+

4+ players

Use this fun timed game or play the old-fashioned way with slips of paper! This game is easy to play over Zoom and FaceTime as you'll just need to position the camera so that everyone can see you act out your word. Just grab a timer and a score-keeper and you're good to go!

Ages 5+

4+ players

Play this classic game of guess-the-picture with your loved ones far away! Either use the game or write down different words to draw and pick one out.

There are two different ways you can play this game virtually. The first option is to simply angle your camera to show the whiteboard or piece of paper you're drawing on. If you are playing on Zoom, there's another way to do it. Click "Share Screen" and then the whiteboard option. All of the players on the Zoom should be able to see you draw with your mouse on the computer screen. It's simple and takes the guessing game out of the camera work!


The following games don't fit into a normal category, and you'll be glad they don't! With hilarious new rules and concepts, I can guarantee you won't be bored with these games.

Ages 7+

2-6 Players

Yes, dodgeball card games are a real thing! This game is a fast-paced card game for your family. You'll flip through cards making sets. When someone gets a burrito set, watch out! You'll throw these super-soft burrito squishies at each other! This zany game is the perfect thing to fill your days with some fun. Trust me, it's pretty much impossible to have a plushy burrito duel without laughing.

Ages 10+

2-8+ players

Hopefully you and one of the members of your family have a telepathic connection because you're going to need it! This hush-hush game is full of secrets, as partners try to get their teammate to guess words on the board with one-word clues and numbers. You have to make connections between your team's words on the board to keep all your secret agents safe. The first team to save all their secret agents wins, but be careful! You have to make sure your teammate doesn't kill an innocent bystander, and there's a deadly card that will end the game if your teammate chooses it. Time to start sleuthing!

Ages 9+

4+ players

Sometimes it pays to be original, but not in this case! In this game with fast thinking and funny categories, it's your job to pick the words everyone else picks! The 'Ditto Master' for the round will call out the category and start the sand timer. It's your turn to jot down the two most popular words or phrases you can think of. Then, when everyone shares their answers, you'll call out ditto. You'll be surprised to hear the answers people come up with when put on the spot! This game is great for parties and groups of people.

That's all for today's post! What's your favorite board game to play? Have you heard of any on this list? Let me know in the comments! Ciao, Zoe.

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