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Our May Reads and Mother's Day GIVEAWAYS!

Updated: May 16, 2019

Announcing our 2019 May Reads . . .

I absolutely love these books! These are cherished novels that I discovered a few years ago and have read several times since. They're all family-friendly reads that are perfect for read-alouds with fascinating plots, relatable characters, and witty banter. Realistic fiction is one of my favorite genres and these books are some of the best. I feel like these books are full of summer scrapes and hopes, the perfect ones to read outside in the spring.

About the books:

My family read this together. Everyone cried! But don't let its sad moments throw you off. The protagonist, Carley, is hilarious. Her mother and her mother's abusive boyfriend's actions landed Carley in foster care, and she's not having it. Her foster mother, Julie Murphy, may be nice, but she's way too perfect and sugar-sweet for Carley. Who has an elaborate organization system for their pantry? She hates the idea of starting her life over without her beloved mom. It doesn't help that Daniel Murphy, Julie's son, detests her for no apparent reason. Carley's emotional walls are as high as skyscrapers and she's mad. Can her foster family burn down her walls? Lynda Mullaly Hunt's book is touching in a way that only a few books are but manages to tie in a playful and funny story.

Willow Chance is a genius . . . and twelve years old. With the support of her doting parents, she cultivates a massive backyard garden, reads up on almost every subject, diagnoses diseases on the spot, and counts by 7s when she's stressed. Her parents are forcing her to attend a public school, and Willow finds herself counting by 7s a lot. Her life crumples when her parents die in a tragic car crash. Befriended by a sassy sister, her shy brother, and a school therapist with some serious issues of his own, Willow finds herself in a completely new world of beer glass ceilings, bunk beds, and fake cats, along with a brand-new family. Can she survive swimming against the tide, or will she be counting sevens for the rest of her life?

This is one of my favorite book series of all time! The stories of four wonderful sisters - responsible Rosalind, daring and athletic Skye, dreamy-eyed author Jane, and creative, adorable Batty - will capture your heart. The girls are heading to Arundel for the summer with their single father . . . but they have no idea what kind of adventures they'll find. Rosemary, whose been the pillar of her family ever since her mother died, becomes starry-eyed over a boy. Sky and Jane find their own boy: a mysterious one who they occasionally spot in the windows of the huge mansion of the woman who owns Arundel. Batty, always wearing her beloved butterfly wings, discovers two bunnies who get her in a series of elaborate scrapes. Mrs. Tifton, the lady who owns Arundel, detests the Penderwicks and is always finding excuses to get them in trouble. With bull chases and famous brownies, this is a summer to last a lifetime!

I'm so excited about these books! If you'd like to read them with us, subscribe to my website. You'll receive two emails with book-related merch and activities and a full party plan at the end of the month. Don't forget to join our Goodreads group too!

If you need a Mother's Day gift and you're completely broke and a chronic procrastinator (I feel you), I have a really cool Amazon partnership to share with you. They've pulled together about 200 pages of giveaways that make perfect Mother's Day gifts! These are super easy to enter; all you need to do is click the little box icon and it will tell you if you win. Sometimes you have to watch a 15 second video to be able to ent, but others don't even require that. If you don't win, no harm, no foul! Amazon will offer you an exclusive sale on that item, up to 40% off. That way, everyone takes home a prize! I think you'll love these giveaways and sales . . . and so will your fabulous momma!


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