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5 Underrated Books You Have to Read

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

If you follow any bookstagram accounts on Instagram, you might see a trend of the same books popping up over and over. But there are a few amazing books that people don't seem to be talking about as much! Here is my list of 5 brilliant, but uncommon, novels you have to read!

This is one of my favorite books ever! The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is a captivating novel translated from Swedish. Sara, a quiet, bookish woman from Sweden has decided to live recklessly for once and visit her pen pal, Amy, in the United States. When she gets there, however, she runs into a little problem: Amy is dead. Stuck in a foreign small town with its generous, quirky inhabitants that Amy wrote to her about, Sara decides to open a bookstore. And that's where the real adventure (and romance) begins.

By the end of this fantastic book, you'll adore every character. Thanks to Sara's constant book recommending, your to-read list will be a mile long!

Includes: Minor cussing and a few mentions.

This novel, written entirely in letters, follows the adventures of author Juliet. Juliet receives a letter from a stranger. As she corresponds with him, she becomes fascinated with the humorous, captivating society described in his letters. Juliet travels to meet the society she's become compelled by and discovers much more about the society and herself than she ever thought she would.

It's 1940 in Kent, England and sons and husbands are leaving to fight in the war. The ladies are left behind, but you better bet they're not just sitting around pining. The women come together to reform The Chilbury Ladies' Choir and under new leadership, they attempt to piece together their spirits. Told from different women in the town, we are given an inspiring tale full of romance, risk, and secrets. The Chilbury Ladies' Choir is not one to be missed!

Every since Tegan's father died, nothing's been right. She's quit her promising swimming career and is, well, swimming in grief. But everything changes when she starts to see the names.

On the wall of the shower, wrappers, anything...Tegan keeps seeing a random name once a day. And every day the person with that name dies.

Accompanied by a new boy named Edge, Tegan tries to prevent the deaths, or at least understand them. She sets out to change lives, but it's almost like the one she needs to change the most is her own.

One of my favorite YA reads from 2019! A List of Cages is moving and intriguing told from the perspectives of two teen boys. Adam seems to have it all in the bag: he’s popular and personable, even if he’s still pining after his best friend. But his made-for-tv life takes a turn when he meets Julian again.

When Julian’s parents died, he lived with Adam as his foster brother. He’s since been moved to his uncle’s house, but that doesn’t stop Adam from taking him under his wing. Adam and his friends become protective of Julian but don’t understand the strange string of events that keep Julian out of their lives. This novel about abuse will break your heart and put it together again and again…which will only make you love it more.

Includes: Some abuse and one inappropriate scene, but other than that this book is pretty clean. I have to mention the abuse in case it's triggering to some people, but I did love the book!

That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this list of underrated books. Let me know if you've read any of these. Ciao!

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