• Zoe

I Did Yoga For a Week and Here's What Happened

I recently read an article by YouGov about the four most popular New Years' resolutions. It said that the most common promises people make to themselves are exercising more, saving money, eating more healthily, and losing weight.

On Instagram back in January, I heard many people talking about how they wanted to have a healthier new decade. They wanted to stay active, be healthier, and have better self-esteem. Reading through all these posts, I immediately thought of yoga!

I don't think you can live without encountering some of the yoga trends. With Fabletics commercials galore, influencers posting pictures, Keep Calm and Yoga On's everywhere!

I'm normally more skeptical of trends, but I found this one interesting. It can actually be an intense workout and it looked more enjoyable than hitting the treadmill every day. It's also been proven to increase flexibility, energy, muscle strength and tone, and improve anxiety and depression.

It's March, which means you might have slacked off your New Year's Resolution, but this is the time to get back on track. What better time to improve yourself than self-quarantine?

I decided to do an entire week of different yoga routines! Each day, I tried out a routine that was intended to help with something different and the results were awesome. Stick around until the end for my final recap!