• Zoe

Living Like Nehemiah: Week 1

Nehemiah is one of my favorite Bible characters, if not my most favorite! The book of Nehemiah is just 13 chapters but it gives an example of a step-by-step Biblical life and has so many lessons about living Christ-focus.

This year, I started working through the Bible three chapters a night. I had never really read Nehemiah all the way through before. But as I was reading, I just kept writing more and more down. If you’re a teenager, you’re probably trying to figure out what to do with your life. And especially if you’re in school, you’re attempting to show Jesus to others at your middle or high school. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how to do that.

My answer? Living like Nehemiah. If you’re not familiar with his backstory, Nehemiah is a servant, specifically a cupbearer, meaning he served wine to the king. He inquires about the Jews who survived the exile and learns that Jerusalem’s wall is torn down and the city is in shambles. He cries, prays, and fasts for days. I won’t spoil the story for you, but you’ll discover during the story that Nehemiah’s prayers are powerful.

Are you trying to live a more Christ-centered life? Do you want to learn humility, wisdom, courage, powerful prayer, and godly leadership? Then take this journey with us! Over the span of the next month, we’ll be reading about three chapters of Nehemiah a week. If you’re trying to get into reading your Bible on a weekly basis, this is perfect! It’s a very short passage but contains powerful and applicable lessons. I’ll delve deeper into the reading, explaining things in Nehemiah and why they’re important in Christian life, and showing you how you can apply them to yourself.

These posts will be released on Saturdays, as always, but you can also sign up for a weekly email sent out on Wednesday. These emails will give you specific verses in the passage to memorize, a challenge, and a reminder to live like Nehemiah that will keep you on track each day. To sign up for these, make sure you are signed up for my site and comment below “sign me up!”

Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s first reading.

Nehemiah 1-3