• Zoe

10 Delicious Recipes to Make While Self-Isolated

Because of self-isolation, a lot of us are cooking at home more! I love to bake and cook, so I'm actually having some fun with it. Today, I've compiled a list of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you to try! I've made them all (sometimes several times) and I can guarantee that they are amazing. I hope you enjoy these easy recipes for every time of the day!


Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins

These muffins are delicious! The recipe is from one of my favorite bloggers, Stuck on Sweet, and modeled after those muffins you get at a bakery or coffee shop. They're big and mouthwatering, with melty chocolate chips and toasted sugar on top. They're perfect for breakfast or a snack anytime during the day!