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10 Outrageous Facts We Learned From Bad Girls Throughout History

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

I adore this marvelous biography penned by Ann Shen of 100 fierce, fabulous women who changed modern life as we know it! Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World showcases fascinating women, introducing readers to the fearless, the glamorous, and the charitable with a snappy biography and a beautifully illustrated portrait. This book will inspire and ignite change with captivating tales of Cleopatra, Oprah, and the like. Read on for 10 outrageous facts we learned!

1. Eleanor Roosevelt was such a firm believer in women's rights, she only allowed women reporters to come to her press conferences. This forced publications to continue to hire them.

2. Harriet Tubman, the woman who never lost a single passenger despite taking 19 trips to guide slaves to freedom, was never compensated for her efforts and lived in poverty for most of her life because she gave away so much money helping others.

3. Anna Atkins was the first person to publish photography in scientific research.

4. Ada Lovelace, often called the Enchantress of Numbers because of her fantastic mathematic ability, said something to her husband when she was on her deathbed that caused him to leave and never return, not even when she died two days later.

5. Oprah was so poor growing up that she wore potato sacks to school. Before she became a household name, Oprah was also fired from her first news job for being "too emotional."

6. In order to keep her husband from enforcing even more expensive taxes over the people living on their land, Lady Godiva rode horseback through the town wearing nothing but her long hair on a dare. Her husband then lifted all taxes over their people.

7. Khutulun challenged every man to beat her to a wrestling match. If he won, they would marry. If she won, she would win one hundred horses. She never lost and legend has it she collected ten thousand horses along the way.

8. Marie Antoinette's daring style won over the fashion-loving French. She once wore a miniature battleship in her hair to a dinner party!

9. Ching Shih was abducted by pirates. Later, she took control of the ship, commanded seventy thousand pirates, beat the Chinese Navy, struck up a deal with the Qing emperor, and retired at thirty-five to run a gambling house.

10. Florence Nightingale, "The Lady with the Lamp," worked tirelessly to improve modern medical practices. She also established the first formal school of nursing!

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