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Winterhouse: Book Review

Twisty-turvy, winsome, and whimsical in the best way possible, Winterhouse is charming and mysterious read that will enrapture generations of readers. Elizabeth, orphaned by her parents, is sent to a beautiful hotel alone over Christmas break by her cranky aunt and uncle. At first, the Winterhouse hotel seems like a dream to bookworm and puzzle solver Elizabeth with lavish meals, friendly faces, and a massive library. But Elizabeth feels uneasy about her strange, dark-clothed neighbors and her senses are only heightened when she discovers a series of mysterious clues. Armed with the necklace her mother gave her and her brilliant new friend, can Elizabeth solve the Winterhouse conundrum?

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Ok! I have it on hold after you guys :) We are serious about you helping with the Battle of the Books if you want to help! Just let us know. We are picking books in April or May so you could work on one over the summer if you decide to help.


Mar 06, 2019

@areel Yes, I think so! It's a good fit for elementary kids but I thought the plot was interesting enough for me to enjoy it too.


Zoe, I have this book on my to read list for Battle of the Books! Do you think it would be a good one to use?

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