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Mary Poppins Returns: Movie Review

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

This charming new Mary Poppins movie opens in on the new three Banks children, fathered by the same darling Michael Banks, whose wife just passed away. Michael's sister Jane is unmarried, working for a society for laborer's rights. When they are in danger of being evicted from their house and everything seems to be going wrong, a figure shows up hanging from a kite: Mary Poppins.

Emily Blunt embodies the magical and mysterious Mary Poppins with the grace and poise of Julie Andrews, stunning the new, much-too-grown-up Banks children with her fascinating tricks. I was pleased to see that Micheal is still a lovable fool and Jane has the same lilting giggle and curious twinkle in her eye. The scene in the parlor where the Banks children sang to Michael was awkward and enticed some snickers from the audience, but it must be said that Blunt's singing and the leery dance did not disappoint. With a surprise appearance from Dick Van Dyke and a delightful performance of A Cover Is Not the Book by Blunt and Miranda, I give this movie a solid 4.5 stars.

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