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10 Book Character Inspired Outfits

Have you ever loved a character so much you wanted to be just like them? When I was younger I always tried to channel my inner Hermione Granger. I would raise my hand in class to the point of being obnoxious, read books with sesquipedalian words (see what I did there?), and re-read the Harry Potter series so many times I practically had it memorized! I've compiled a list of ten outfits inspired by some of my favorite female book characters to show you how you can dress a little more like your literary role models every day. Hope you enjoy!

Everyone knows that Claudia is a mastermind planner. What other eleven-year-old could successfully plot running away to a museum? I can see Claudia wearing this practical, polished outfit as she drags Jamie around the museum.

Anne is one of my favorite literary characters, so I was so excited to create an outfit inspired by her. I think the ruffle sleeves and ribbons on the sides of the shirt give the look a very dreamy, vintage feel, which is perfect for Anne!

3. Mary from Unbecoming

Mary is funny and fierce with a tendency to escape out of windows so I thought this picture was only fitting. This dress/cardigan combination is straight out of her time period, and I can see curls bouncing around spunky Mary's face.

4. Anna from Tell Me

Anna's style is very comfy and cute and I think these fuzzy boots and blush pink top nails that, and the silver owl earrings add a whimsical touch. Anna loves to sing and is always performing, so what better setting than her singing into her hairbrush? I also couldn't forego the famous scrunchie.

5. Summer from Wonder

Even in the bleary winter months, Summer always finds a way to look cheery! These fun daisy earrings are sweet and just right for Summer, who is always the optimist. She's also a girl who knows what she believes in, so I thought her talking enthusiastically was only fitting!

6. Kimberley from Girl in Translation

Kimberley is clever (and pretty fierce for succeeding against so many odds) and a diligent student, so I can definitely see her bent over her homework at her desk at Yale. This put-together ensemble is perfect for a studious college student and I love the touch of a pencil in her hair.

7. Becka from Dumplin'

My bet's on Becka for Miss America so of course the photo had to be of her being measured for a pageant dress. This sunny outfit is as joyful as her, with silver leaf earrings, a fun floral dress, and navy flip-flops for those humid Texas days.

Hermione is a bookworm and we love her for it! When she's not studying, you'll find her curled up in front of the fire with a good book. A college sweatshirt (go IWU!) and black leggings, this look is casual and comfy - the perfect reading outfit!

9. Nancy from the Nancy Drew series

We love Nancy's sophisticated attire almost as much as her sleuthing skills! This classy outfit combined with Hepburn-esque flats, a black headband, and a magnifying glass screams Nancy Drew.

I adore The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Carmen's style game, so of course I had to include Carmen's Fourth of July outfit. With a red headband and some patriotic swing, I love the idea of Carmen looking up from one of her fashion magazines at the camera.

Which of these was your favorite literary inspired outfit? Is there any book character that has served as a role model to you? Comment below!

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1 comentário

Fun article. Great idea to combine books and fashion. Character identification is a very powerful force. Cool idea to help yourself along the way by looking like them all day. If you follow their best qualities (not their worst) could be a cool personal growth reminder too. I might try to dress like Stephen Maturin from the Aubrey/Maturin series but he was a terrible slob of a Dr. I read too much nonfiction lately. But perhaps I might dress like Paul in River Runs through It (book not movie) or the main character in The Earth is Enough. :)

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