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Our 2019 February Reads

“So, if anyone ever tells you no, or anyone says your voice isn't important or your dreams are too big, remember these women. They persisted and so should you.” ~ Chelsea Clinton, She Persisted

Announcing our fabulous Book of the Month February 2019 reads!

Last month's pick was lovely and one of the best books I've ever read, but 276 pages can be quite a lot to handle when you have a full schedule with no time for reading (seriously, there needs to be a day exclusively for books). That's why I decided to keep it a little simpler this month with three picture books!

About the books:

1. She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World is a book by Chelsea Clinton that introduces 13 bold, fabulous women that broke the rules and burst the boundaries. With "vivid, compelling art" and riveting short biographies, this book is one for the ages.

2. Rosie Revere, Engineer is a New York Times best-selling book about a shy-turned-spunky girl who's also a stupendous engineer. Kids of all ages with adore following along Rosie's journey and will pick up some life lessons about persistence and boldness along the way.

3. The Colors of Us is a charming picture book about a girl named Lena who learns a lesson about ethnicity on a walk with her mom. Sweet yet powerful, this storybook tells a wonderful message about diversity everyone should hear.

The Snacks

This hot chocolate is deliciously creamy . . . perfect for ages one to one hundred! I used Jessica Erin from Stuck on Sweet's recipe for Chewy Sugar Cookies and added some mini M&Ms. I've made these cookies several times before and they're always a crowd pleaser! I love the idea of writing fun facts on napkins as well.

How to Follow Along

If you'd like to dive into these delightful reads with us, subscribe to the mailing list (if you haven't already) and leave a quick comment down below. I'll be in touch each Thursday with a book review of one of these picks and some fun merchandise and activities! On the last day of the month, you'll receive a guide in your email on how to throw the most amazing party ever.

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