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Nevermoor: Book Review

Morrigan Crow is cursed, so she's used to dirty looks, taking the blame, and her family pretending she doesn't exist. She's long accepted the fact that, like every cursed child, she'll die on Eventide, her twelfth birthday. But Morrigan's grim, solitary world flips on its side when an eccentric man shows up on her doorstep the day she's supposed to die. Caught up in a world of zany smoke rooms, dragon riders, hotels beyond your imagination, and one epic race, Morrigan fights for the chance to be accepted into the thrilling and prestigious Wundrous Society. However, to be a part of the society, this inky-haired Crow is going to have to fight for her life with the help of everyone she can find. Get ready to jump (with the help of an umbrella, of course) into the magical world of children's fiction's best new novel.

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