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Christian Teen Girl Gift Guide

Are you shopping to get everyone gifts under the tree by December 25th? I got you. This gift guide has thirteen adorable and useful gifts for the Christian teen girl in your life. Items for Bible study, jewelry, and even comfy clothes...

Stay tuned until the end for a freebie that doubles as a free gift for a Christian in your life!

This recycled journal is perfect for Bible studies and comes in seven different colors.

This trendy sticker has a lyric from a worship song that can be placed on a Bible journal, laptop, or water bottle.

These highlighters don't bleed through pages of the Bible and come in eight different colors.

A dainty pendant is a simple gift she can wear with any outfit.

These hand-painted Bibles are named after people whose lives have been touched by God. They can be personalized with a specific Bible verse! (If you're not crazy about this design specifically, I encourage you to check out the Etsy page...there's lot of different styles!)

Bonus points if you include a coupon for a Bible study date!

This simple necklace has a cute mountain decal and reminds the wearer that they are a child of the God who moves mountains.

This comfy sweatshirt is perfect for lounging and road trips and comes in all different shades.

Is your favorite Jesus freak also a coffee aficionado? Kill two birds with one stone with this cute mug.

These adorable Bible verse sticky notes are perfect for daily reminders, stationery, and lunch box notes.

This hand-lettered Psalm 63 sign is a sweet wall decoration and daily reminder.

If she loves being a pen pal and spreading words of encouragement, these decorated postcards meant to share messages of hope are for her.

This personalized dove ornament hangs on her tree to serve as a reminder of her baptism day.

BONUS: 12 Free Printable Christian Coupons

These Christian coupons are the perfect (no expense) gift for your favorite Christian. They're full of thoughtful activities and gifts for your significant other, friend, or family member.

To receive this freebie, simply scroll all the way down and subscribe to the mailing list. You'll automatically receive an email with the freebie. Merry Christmas!

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