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Mother's Day Gifts For Every Type of Mom

Not sure what to get your mom for Mother's Day? Maybe she likes tennis, baking, or hiking. Maybe she's a homebody, or maybe she'd rather be out catching waves. Whatever your mom loves, she'll love one of these gifts!

To celebrate moms everywhere this year, I've created this list full of presents for every type of mom. You'll find cozy gifts for homebodies, personalized sweatshirts and jewelry, and more. Happy Mother's Day!


Perfect for: Coffee-Loving Mom

This mug says all she needs to know and the minimalist design keeps it chic. Gift your momma this adorable mug filled with tea bags or her favorite candy for a gift she's sure to love.

Perfect for: Stylish Mom, Cozy Mom

This lightweight blanket brightens up a living room...and keeps her warm while she's watching Netflix.

Perfect for: Baking Mom, Homebody Mom

This cookbook is filled with one hundred recipes for cookies, bars, and other treats. Your mom will go gaga over recipes like marshmallow peanut butter brownies and kitchen sink cookies.


Perfect for: Minimalist Mom, Creative Mom

These decorative vases are made of metal wire, which adds a playful touch to a minimalist design. They have a removable glass tube inside the frame to contain real or fake plants.

Perfect for: Organized Mom, Minimalist Mom

This round leather jewelry tray is the best one-stop place to keep your keys, jewelry, and more.

Perfect for: Boho Mom, Creative Mom

These adorable macrame coasters add a fun, colorful touch to a room.

Perfect for: Stylish Mom, Earthy Mom

The simple, cohesive character of these watercolor botanical prints makes them perfect for a mom who loves earthy, minimalist style. Bonus points if you help her hang them up!


Perfect for: Elegant Mom, Caring Mom

These personalized birth flower earrings are an elegant touch to an outfit and will show your mom you care. The dainty earrings can be customized with your mom's birth flower or favorite flower.

Perfect for: Cozy Mom, Chill Mom

This embroidered crewneck is super comfy (and super cute). Your mom will love this simple, personalized look that's perfect for comfy days at home.

Perfect for: Trendy Mom, Stylish Mom

This personalized gold necklace says your moniker for your mama in a chic way. Don't be surprised if it becomes a staple in your mom's wardrobe.

Perfect for: Chill Mom, Cool Mom

This mama sweatshirt is understated but fun. It's crazy comfortable and perfect for soccer games, Netflix, and more.


Perfect for: Elegant Mom, Caring Mom

You want to show your mom you care, so a beautiful card with a handwritten note is just the way to go. This classy card with floral touches will become one of your mom's favorite gifts.

Perfect for: Strong Mom

You think your mom is Wonder Woman, and it's time to let her know. Thank her for all she does for you with this pretty card that reminds her who she is.

Perfect for: Creative Mom, Playful Mom

What mom wouldn't love this whimsical flower bouquet card? Thank her for all the fun she brings to your life with this note.

What's one of your favorite memories of your mom? Let me know in the comments and have a wonderful Mother's Day! Ciao, Zoe.

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