• Zoe

Feel-Good Recipes You Need in Your Life

Sometimes in life, you just need a good, home-cooked meal. Mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, Grandma's casserole...all of those feel-good dishes. Here are ten homey recipes for breakfast, snacks, or dinner that will make your mouth water.


Coffee Cake Donuts with Vanilla Glaze

These coffee cake donuts will be one of the best things you've tasted in a long time! Cinnamon streusel, vanilla glaze, and sweet cake of all, they're baked, not fried, and cause minimal mess.

Chai Chocolate Chip Scones with Espresso Glaze

These scones are the perfect thing for Saturday brunch. With chai flavor, melty chocolate chips, and sweet glaze, I can guarantee they're a big crowd pleaser.


Peanut Butter Pretzel Energy Bites