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10 Easy DIYs That Make Perfect Christmas Gifts

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

These DIYs are perfect presents for anyone in your life! All of the supplies you need for these are cheap, and I guarantee that your family members will love these thoughtful gifts! Enjoy this list of easy and adorable DIYs that you'll probably have even more fun making than you'll have giving them.

I adore this adorable mug! The supplies are super simple: a cheap ceramic mug (you can find them for a couple of dollars at pretty much any store) and nail polish. Isn't the mug gorgeous? You're probably going to end up making one just for yourself!

Christmas can become too much about things and not enough about words, which sometimes can be even more important! This deck features 52 things, each on a separate card, that you love about that person.

Don't you love this cute mug? The recipe for some delicious brownies in a mug is written *right* there so you never lose it. While I couldn't find a post explaining this exact mug, but I did spot a homemade mug diy here. Just add the instructions with a sharpie!

Don't these look yummy? These festive treats are the perfect housewarming gift when you're visiting relatives. Besides, everyone enjoys a sweet treat during the holidays!

This cookie butter is amazing! I made some chocolate chip butter for my mom last Christmas, and I think my whole family helped finish it in about a week. It's that good! Top pretzels, apples, strawberries, and more for the perfect snack (and breakfast, lunch, and dinner 😀)

Perfect for your little bookworm, these easy paint chip bookmarks are easy and cute. Your receiver will love a personalized bookmark in their favorite hues!

These cookies are the perfect tasty treats for a chilly winter afternoon. Mix in sprinkles, M&Ms, or whoever you're giving them to's favorite candies. Package them up in a cute box for a *sweet* present!

This sugar scrub is super easy to make (only three ingredients!) and leaves your skin soft and glowing after use. Gift it to your girlfriends so they can have a mini spa day each shower!

Pamper your family and friends with this cozy and delicious package. Pack in treats, lip balm, nail polish, and a coupon for a one-on-one spa day or babysitting for the perfect and cheap present!

This is the perfect present to satisfy cookie cravings. Everyone is sure to love this ready-to-bake treat!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Ciao, and have a very merry Christmas!

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