• Zoe

9 Things Bloggers Need to Know

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Did you know that there are over 600 million blogs on the Internet? Now, blogging is everywhere, whether that's on Pinterest, Instagram captions, or this very website. Blogs have become one of the biggest browsing resources. You can get to know an author you love, find a new recipe...basically anything you need to know, you can find a blog about.

Blogs are surprisingly easy to create. You have something to offer the world and a website is a great platform to share it on.

But it's way too easy to get discouraged. New bloggers have trouble figuring out how to get their website noticed, what they should even write about, and how to create a good site design. Blogging can be overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be.

Today, I'm going to share with you nine pieces of advice every blogger needs to know. This post will be especially helpful to bloggers just starting out, but if you're more experienced, you can definitely still learn something.

Since I've started blogging, I've figured things out from my mistakes and read too many articles to count about blogging. I've narrowed everything down into this comprehensive list that will get you off your feet, help you create a website that shares your vision, and get everyone reading your blog. Enjoy!

1. Pinterest Will Get You Everywhere

One of bloggers' biggest concerns is getting attention. Sure, your mom always reads your blog posts, but how do you build a wider audience that keeps coming back? Utilizing your already set-up social media definitely helps, but I've found that my biggest source of traffic is