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8 Times Rory Gilmore Was Your Role Model

Rory Gilmore stole our hearts in the sepia-toned series Gilmore Girls. If you're unfamiliar with the series, it's full of mother-daughter relationships, funny moments, and fast talking.

We got to see Rory study her way through high school (and first kisses) and get into Yale. She was best friends with her mom, knew every book ever written, and could banter with the best of them. It's pretty safe to say that if you watched the show, you wanted to be her at some point.

Rory isn't the perfect role model but she had her moments. (She's said 'oy with the poodles already.' You get instant cool status from that.) Love her or hate her, it was pretty much impossible not to adore Rory in these scenes.

The Big Three

We were all rooting for Rory to get into Harvard, but it was pretty sweet when she got "the big envelope" from Harvard, Princeton, AND Yale. Way to go Rory!

She Knew Good Food When She Saw It

One good thing about Rory is that she knew good food when she saw it. She and her mom were practically always either at Luke's, ordering takeout, or getting some late-night ice cream. Her adoration for diner fries is another reason to love her.

When She Befriended Paris

You don't have to watch the show for very long to figure out that Paris Geller isn't the easiest human being to get along with. Rory didn't think so either. I think her original phrase to describe Paris was "a pop-up book from hell." Still, Rory wasn't afraid to crack Paris's tough exterior and befriend the still-slightly-crazy person within.

When She Was Valedictorian

You better believe Rory was valedictorian. Her sweet graduation speech thanking her mom and grandparents made us melt. Admit it: you might have cheered a little when she was an official grad.

When She Looked as Cute as This For Her First Dance

Rory's style was mostly low-key in her high school years. School uniform, anyone? But she still looked adorable heading off to her first dance in a dress Lorelai sewed for her. Of course, she completed the look with a book in her purse.

Anytime She Read

Bookworms everywhere rejoiced anytime Rory dropped a reading recommendation. The girl was the queen of books. Her own bedroom practically overflowed with them.

Her Caffeine Addiction

You might be a tea person, but the Gilmore girls' consumption of coffee is still pretty impressive. Rory downed it with the best of them.

Finally, Her Relationship with Her Mom

Of course, we couldn't make a whole list about Rory without including *something* about Lorelai. Their relationship made the show what it was and definitely developed the best catchphrases. Copper boom!

Who's your favorite Gilmore Girl? Any of your favorite scenes off this list? I'll see you next time. Ciao, Zoe.


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