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5 Small Clothing Brands You Need in Your Life

Need a closet refresh? These five small clothing brands have enough classy, on-trend styles to rejuvenate your wardrobe. Keep scrolling to see my favorite fresh new styles from these five online clothing companies. Best of all, every store listed has an affordable price range, so get ready to go shop-crazy!

Ivory Belle

You'll find: classy, on-trend clothing with simple lines and reasonable prices

My favorites:

- Serena Seamless Set

- Must Have Sweater Vest

- GNO Dress

Hazel and Olive

You'll find: unique, stylish apparel and accessories

My favorites:

- Nevada Lights Denim Jacket

- Done Up Hoop Earrings

- Hit The Town White Dress

Breath of Youth

You'll find: dreamy, romantic apparel and feminine accessories

My favorites:

- Picture in Your Locket Top

- My Lucky Charm Necklace

- Innerbloom Top

Bolt Boutique

You'll find: wearable, trendy clothes at affordable prices

My favorites:

- Seamless Snakeskin Sports Bra and Leggings

- Kayla Daisy Sage Sweater Set

Pink Lily

You'll find: colorful clothing with unique touches

My favorites:

- Endless Days White Bodysuit

- Knit Grey Set

- Seashell Sun Hat

What's your go-to online store? Let me know in the comments! Ciao, Zoe.


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