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10 Books That Are Perfect for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! Children are writing names on the backs of cardboard valentines, classrooms are decked out with paper hearts and crepe paper, the store is selling red hearts full of chocolate a dime a dozen . . . To all I say: bring me books! Books trump sappy cards and sticky hearts, and Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to bring out the cheesy romances. Check out this list of ten superb novels I think are wonderful for Valentine's Day! Just don't forget the chocolate.

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is a captivating novel translated from Swedish. Sara, a quiet, bookish woman from Sweden has decided to live recklessly for once and visit her pen pal Amy in the United States. When she gets there, however, she runs into a problem: Amy is dead. Stuck in a foreign small town with its generous, quirky inhabitants that Amy wrote to her about, Sara decides to open a bookstore. And that's where the real adventure (and romance) begins. You'll love this entrancing book's fascinating plot and beautiful wording. By the end, you'll adore every character and thanks to Sara's constant book recommending, your to-read list will be a mile long.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a summery, intoxicating read you won’t be able to put down! The novel follows the adventures of the main character Belly, who goes back to the house where she’s spent every sun-soaked, beach-kissed summer since she was born. But this year is different. Belly is suddenly pretty, and she wonders if her affections for the brothers who share the summer house with her might finally be returned. She finds herself torn between smoldering older Conrad, who she’s loved for as long as she can remember, and sweet, sensitive Jeremiah, who has been her friend forever. Will this be the summer to end all summers . . . for more reasons than one?

3. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

If you love historical fiction, funny jokes, or are a sucker for arranged marriages and unexpected romances, you'll love My Lady Jane. The Lady Janies (Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows) have penned a spectacular book about spirited characters trapped in the confines of an early England society. Teen king Edward discovers that people in his trusted inner circle are poisoning him. He has to flee for his life, leaving the throne to his cousin Jane, who has just been forced into an arranged marriage with . . . a horse? Full of twists, turns, and whimsical humor, you're sure to adore this charming novel.

If you're awkward with first dates (or dates in general) and pick up lines, this one's for you. Josh Sundquist hilariously recounts his romantic attempts and interviews the people involved in an attempt to figure out what went wrong. You'll laugh and cringe your way through his journey from middle school relationships to . . . true love?

5. Legendary by Stephanie Garber

I love Stephanie Garber's Legendary even more than the first book Caraval, if that's possible. This amazing YA fantasy follows the adventures of a girl named Tella during Caraval, a magical, mysterious game full of risk and bargains. Garber stuns with breathtaking imagery and an intricate, fascinating plot. With thrilling, unexpected romances, this is the perfect read for Valentine's Day.

6. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything is the ultimate feel-good YA romance. Maddy has a rare disorder that makes her allergic to, well, practically everything. She lives in an enclosed "bubble," something that separates her from ever having a normal life. Her mom has done everything she can to make Maddy comfortable and happy but there's still something Maddy's lacking. When Maddy sees the new neighbor boy Olly, who notices her, her life turns upside down. You'll be tempted to read this entire book in one sitting, so grab the Nutella jar and a spoon and sit down for the long haul.

7. The Jewel by Amy Ewing

The Jewel is an enthralling dystopian novel by Amy Ewing. Violet is a surrogate. In her world, this means she can control the Auguries: changing an object's color, shape, and growth. With the help of secret friends, Violet is faced with the choice between life and death in this irresistible book. Oh, did I mention? There's also a pretty epic love story.

8. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

The incredibly popular novel Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell will capture the hearts of fangirls and bookworms alike. Twin Cath is off at college with her sister Wren. They grew up reading the Simon Snow novels together and Cath writes an internet-famous fan fiction off the series. Wren is branching off and ready to leave the Snow books behind, but not Cath. Can she ignore her feelings for Levi? Live without her sister? Find her own voice?

This fast-paced book about a school for girl spies is as delightful as it is suspenseful. Cammie has never regretted not experiencing anything outside of her risky, thrilling life. But what happens when Cammie meets someone from the outside? And a particularly cute one at that? This lovely, riveting novel will delight all ages. And don't worry, you won't have to pin down a CIA double agent to read it.

10. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Could we really have a list of romance books without including The Notebook? Come on. I know, I know . . . you think the movie is over-hyped, you think Nicholas Sparks is cheesy, you don't like Ryan Gosling (how dare you). But please, pick up this book. Even though there is some thematic material, Sparks tugs on your heartstrings, weaving a story of two people who shouldn't be together but love still lasts. Bring tissues. And preferably chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

I hope you enjoyed this Valentine's Day post! If you liked it, hit the heart button and comment your favorite type of sweet down below. Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!❤️

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