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10 Books for Every Spring Break

Whether you're in the Caribbean, the Himalayas, or your bed this spring break, you're going to need books. I mean, that's just common sense. For those with sandy toes or TV re-runs, here's a list of ten books that will make the perfect addition to every type of vacation.


~if you're buckling in for the long haul~

Hopping in the car with the fam and spending hours on the road can be long. And boring. And smelly. Need I go on? But with these sensational reads, you won't mind the crushed goldfish smeared into the backseat, the long hours, or the way your dad won't play anything but outdated 80's music.

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

Adelaide's always done everything right, but when she learns of the marriage being arranged for her, she can't bring herself to do the proper thing. Posing as her servant, Adelaide is suddenly caught up in a whirlwind of etiquette, trickery, and jewels when she joins the Glittering Court. The court is full of beautiful, polished girls who are shipped over to a foreign land to become the wife of the highest bidder. Adelaide doesn't intend to find romance in overseas Adoria. However, she can't seem to keep her eyes off Cedric, the son of the man who runs the court. The story grows more and more twisted as Adelaide uncovers fatal secrets while desperately trying to keep her own under wraps. Can Adelaide put a stop to the dark things behind the glittering court . . . and find a way to be with the illicit Cedric? Find out in this exotic and thrilling novel that will make the hours of long driving pass in a flash.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

The best-selling author of The Lunar Chronicles and Renegades, Meyer stuns again with this electrifying take on the Queen of Hearts. Catherine can whip up a batch of scones like nobody's business, and she isn't about to marry the King of Hearts and sacrifice her delicious dream of opening a bakery with her best friend/maid. Raspberry tarts over romance could be her motto. But when Cath meet Jest, the charismatic and cryptic court jester, that all changes. Risking everything, Cath flings herself full force into a relationship with Jest. But in a game of hearts and chicanery, is everything really as it seems?


~if you have a serious case of wanderlust~

Whether you're on a plane to Italy (lucky. Can I please hop in your suitcase?) or still staring at your hometown's cornflower blue sky, we all know that feeling when you're itching to go somewhere. Unfortunately, I'm pretty much broke, and can't send you tickets to Tokyo, but these books are the next best thing. Experience colorful cultures, zany characters, and exotic food . . . all without leaving the comfort of your cozy reading chair.

13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

Ginny's organized world is tipped over when she learns that her flaky Aunt Peg has passed away from a fatal illness after disappearing during the last few years of her life. Ginny's still trying to clear her head and forget about her aunt when 12 mysterious blue envelopes addressed to her shows up. In it are a huge sum of money and a note from her deceased aunt telling her to hop on a flight to Europe and open the next envelope once she completes a task. Nostalgia and restlessness drive Ginny across Europe, teaching her things about culture, love, and recklessness she never would have known before. Get ready to traipse across a continent, paint a cafe, and ask an Italian boy for cake in 317 compelling pages while still under the covers of your white duvet!

Betsy and the Great World by Maud Hart Lovelace

This is the book I always read on vacation! I'm a die-hard fan of Maud Hart Lovelace and the Betsy-Tacy series (park bench picnics! salt water taffy! the king of Spain!) and this is my favorite installment in the beloved series. Betsy's wild adventures "touring the world" are just the right thing to put you in a roving mood and her chipper gap-toothed smile and sweet disposition easily cures any pangs of homesickness.


~for busy fingers and productive vacations~

Home this break and already tired of doing nothing? Not to worry! Here's a list of four books that will inspire you to live a little louder, get a little messy, and do a little tidying. I guarantee that, with these books, you'll come back from break better than ever.

Chances are, you've heard of Marie Kondo, the beautiful tidier with two books, a Netflix show, and millions of happy customers to her name. Marie Kondo invented the KonMari method, a brilliant system of decluttering and organizing that makes it easy (and fun!) to clean. I cleaned like Marie Kondo back in January after watching her Netflix show and it worked so well I wanted to take it a step further and read her book. I originally assumed it would be a brick of a book that would take me forever to work through, but it was actually very manageable yet chock full of content with applicable tips and personal testimonies. There are a few things that set Kondo's method apart from the rest:

  • it's actually worked for me

  • she believes tidying should be a major, once-in-a-lifetime event. You'll obviously have to put items away after you've used them, but you shouldn't have to do big tidying sessions that take more than, say, five minutes periodically.

  • it's fun! Because Kondo stresses the importance of only keeping items that spark joy, KonMari is an instant mood-lifter and will make you happy every time you glance around at your spic-and-span settings.

Are your kids sick of peanut butter and jelly? Do you wonder how Pinterest moms find the time to whip up fancy bento boxes? This is the book for you! Hirsch's book is full of easy lunches and guilt-free convenience items. With tips on how to whip up easy snacks like prosciutto mozzarella sticks and five-minute polenta, this book will soon become a favorite. One section has a creative dinner recipe whose leftovers can easily become two tasty lunches! Pick up this manual and you can say goodbye to mom guilt and cold hot dog meals and hello to happier, healthier kiddos.

If you're dreading the prospect of your kids on spring break, here you go. Mike Adamick, a stay-at-home dad, has put together a fabulous book of fun activities that he and his daughter love. Next time Delilah is whining and Dexter has been playing Fortnite for three hours, whip out his step-by-step instructions for circus stilts, comic book shoes, garden herb planters, or a colorful reading chair (yes, please). Families of all ages will love homemade goo slime and eggshell cupcakes, and parents will adore creating memories that will last more than the five minutes it takes them to inhale all the cupcakes.

Herrick's unique twist on a cookbook takes you behind the scenes of delicious Charleston restaurants, their touching stories, and a recipe for their trademark dish. Gorgeous photography partnered with delectable recipes for beginners to experts, you'll love experimenting with these fun foods. I highly recommend you try See-Wee's Old Fashioned Coconut Cake, which is moist, tropical, and absolutely amazing!


~colorful reads to match your beach towel~

One of my favorite things to do on a beach vacay is to grab a book and hang out by the pool. Surprising, right? I think a funny, summery novel puts me in just the right sunny mood.

Kaling's witty and playful style is the perfect light read for relaxing at the pool and catching some sun. Her hilarious, self-deprecating tales of her childhood will make you crack up and The Office and The Mindy Project fans will love a peek behind the scenes. Grab your towel and sunglasses and delve into this lovely book!


~cozy novels for restful mornings~

One beautiful thing about spending spring break at home is . . . you don't have to go anywhere! At all! Here are two books for cuddling up with a fuzzy blanket and being whisked away to another world.

The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer

It's been a year since Alex and Conner's dad died, but they can't seem to stop thinking about their old life. Everything starts to change when Alex discovers a magic book of fairy tales and they're transported to an entirely new world . . . one that might just bring them a little closer to their dad. With breath-taking adventures and laugh-out-loud jokes, this series will quickly become a family favorite!

Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood

Rose's parents run a bakery. But it's not an average bakery. The Bliss family recipes are magic. Her mother's Stone Sleep Snickerdoodle's cured Mr. Rook's sleepwalking and the Fluffy White Macaroons floated Mr. Wadsworth out of the bottom of the well he was trapped in. Rose is the true baker out of the four kids and has always been fascinated with their magical recipes. So when Rose's parents travel off to Humbleton to cure a huge flu outbreak with their almond croissants, she and her siblings can't resist whipping up a few batches to fix the town's inhabitants. They agree they'll keep it a secret, but everything gets more twisted when their mysterious and charming aunt shows up and takes a special interest in the secret Bliss cookbook.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment down below your plans for spring break and if you've read anything good recently. Happy spring break!

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