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10 Beautiful Bookshelves

Trying to figure out where to put all those great books you got for Christmas? It's the perfect time to reorganize your shelves! I complied a list of 10 bookshelves to give you major style inspo.

1. Rainbow Shelves

Rainbow shelves like these will add the perfect pop of color to any room! Play around with your shades: have collections of only red books, fade from a dark blue to a pearly white, or ROY G BIV every shelf!

2. Magical Floating Shelves

Your guests will marvel at these bookshelves that make your books seem like they are floating in the air!

3. Elm Tree Bookshelf

This elm tree bookshelf will warm your little nature-loving heart! Add it to any corner of your house for a whimsical touch.

4. Stair Storage Space

If you ever feel as if you have nowhere to store all your books, this is perfect for you! Although it will take more work than simply buying a shelf off Amazon, these bookshelf/stairs are the ideal mix of decoration and functionality. Store the books that match that room's color scheme there for even more zing!

5. The Gardener's Dream Shelf

Love leafy looks? It doesn't take much work to achieve this. If you're not prepared for quite this many vines, scatter a few potted plants throughout your old shelf. You'll instantly get a fresh new look!

6. Sparkling Shelves

Drape fairy lights on your shelves for a magical, glowing look.

7. Piano Shelf

This bookshelf made out of recycled materials is perfect for music lovers!

8. Disney Princess Shelves

Remember when Belle swung on a ladder in her town's library? These huge shelves are begging to be explored and this rolling ladder is just the way to browse the books!

9. Simple, Modern Shelves

Not looking to go too crazy? These clean, modern shelves are just for you. Succulents and color-coded books add to the fresh look!

10. Heaven

A girl can dream, right?

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Omword! Heaven! Definitely my dream bookshelf right there.


Jan 08, 2019

@amanda.drury Thank you!


Jan 08, 2019

Absolutely delightful!

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