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"Not sure what to get your mom for Mother's Day? Whatever your mom loves, she'll love one of these gifts! To celebrate moms everywhere this year, I've created this list full of presents for every type of mom. You'll find cozy gifts for homebodies, personalized sweatshirts and jewelry, and more. Happy Mother's Day!"

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Christian Teen Girl Gift Guide

"Are you shopping to get everyone gifts under the tree by December 25th? I got you. This gift guide has thirteen adorable and useful gifts for the Christian teen girl in your life. Items for Bible study, jewelry, and even comfy clothes...Stay tuned until the end for a freebie that doubles as a free gift for a Christian in your life!"

Hands on Deck

9 Pieces of Advice For Beginning Bloggers

"Today, I'm going to share with you nine pieces of advice every blogger needs to know. This post will be especially helpful to bloggers just starting out, but if you're more experienced, you can definitely still learn something."

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"I was completely surprised to like Naples so much. We only went there in the first place so we could see an opera but I ended up falling in love with it. Today, I'm going to share with you my top eight places in Naples. That includes dining, sightseeing, the outdoors, and even a subway station. Enjoy!"

Outdoor Movie

5 Christian Family Movies on Netflix

"Chances are, you're spending quite a bit of time on Netflix these days! It can be hard to find family movies that everyone can watch. I'm helping you out by listing my top 5 Christian flicks for families on Netflix. Whether or not you are a Christian, these movies are clean and family appropriate."

Ashtanga Yoga

I Did Yoga For a Week and Here's What Happened

"I decided to do an entire week of different yoga routines! Each day, I tried out a routine that was intended to help with something different and the results were awesome. Stick around until the end for my final recap!"

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Living Like Nehemiah: Week 3

"What you are hungering for, God will fulfill! In this week's installment, we'll cover what being God-fearing and a follower of integrity means. We'll also read some awesome passages and learn the secret to contentment!"

Bible Lessons

Living Like Nehemiah: Week 1

Nehemiah is an amazing Bible character! He's someone you can center your life around. Want to learn the secret to powerful prayer, humility, and following God's plan? Read on!

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"Need a closet refresh? These five small clothing brands have enough classy, on-trend styles to rejuvenate your wardrobe. Keep scrolling to see my favorite fresh new styles from these five online clothing companies. Best of all, every store listed has an affordable price range, so get ready to go shop-crazy!"

ways to give back this holiday

"For a lot of people, the holiday season is about receiving. But we know from the Bible that it's even more important to give back. This week, I've put together a list of twelve different ways you can donate, volunteer, and bless others this holiday season."

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Girls' Weekend in Chicago

"Last year, my sister, my mom, and I went on a girls' weekend to Chicago. It's only a few hours from where we live in Indiana, which makes it the perfect weekend getaway. Today, I've decided to show you our top ten spots in Chicago. That covers transport, food, sights, and activities. Enjoy!"

everything i learned from gilmore girls

Everything I Learned From Gilmore Girls

"Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows and there's lots of lessons to be learned from it. Rory and Lorelai's relationship, the quirky characters of Stars Hollow, Rory's determination . . . Whatever team you're on, you'll love this list of all the important life lessons we've learned from Gilmore Girls!"


How I Make My Smartphone Photos Look Professional

"Today I decided to show you how I edit my Instagram and blog photos! I get questions on what I use to take the shots and how I edit them. I'll go over my completely free editing process, a few tips to getting the perfect shot, and the photos you should take to grow your Instagram."

Hand Hygiene

20+ Things to Do While Self-Quarantined

"Thanks to COVID-19, chances are you're self-quarantined right about now...and probably also super bored. Lucky for you, I've made a list of 20+ activities to do while you're stuck at home!"

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Living Like Nehemiah: Week 2

"Welcome back to the Nehemiah series! Last week we went over who Nehemiah was and how we can work on living more like him. This week, we'll be tackling chapters 4-6. We'll learn about Godly confrontation and banishing fear. Let's dive in!"

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"The first day of spring is in twelve days, which means it's time to break out the dresses! It's time to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank. These twelve light, colorful dresses are all from Amazon and under forty dollars...which means cheap and fast delivery."

rory gilmore's best moments gilmore girl

8 Times Rory Gilmore Was Your Role Model

"Rory Gilmore stole our hearts in the sepia-toned series Gilmore Girls. If you're unfamiliar with the series, it's full of mother-daughter relationships, funny moments, and fast talking. She was best friends with her mom, knew every book ever written, and could banter with the best of them. It's pretty safe to say that if you watched the show, you wanted to be her at some point."

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The Best GIFs, Filters, and Hacks For Instagram Stories

"Who else loves Instagram stories? IGS is the way to connect with your audience, share what you're doing on a day-to-day basis, and boost your other posts. Today, I've compiled a list of GIFs, filters, and hacks for amazing Instagram stories."

the best family board games you haven't

The Best Board Games You've Never Heard Of

"If you're anything like our family, you've been playing a lot more games lately! We've got a full closet of different games: two-player games, card games, board games, guessing games, and a few that are absolutely zany."

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30 Things to Do While Quarantined

"A few weeks ago, I published a blog post with 20+ Things to Do While Self-Quarantined. I put up a poll on my Instagram asking my followers if they wanted part two and everyone said yes! Here's a list of thirty things you can do during this time while we're quarantined to stay safe, productive, and even have some fun."

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19 Things I Learned in 2019

"It's that time of year...2020 is upon us! In honor of the new year (and new decade!), I thought I'd put together a list of what 2019 taught me. Hopefully, 2020 will be just as full!"

Sunset over the Mountains

Flight Must-Haves to Keep Your Sanity

"One thing I’ve learned from allll this traveling is: you will lose your sanity. Without a properly packed carry-on, of course :)

Today I’ll walk you through my favorite in-flight and vacation essentials that will make traveling just a little bit easier. Enjoy!"